Moon Knight crew member exposes true meaning behind baffling hippo god Taweret twist

Moon Knight crew member exposes true meaning behind baffling hippo god Taweret twist


Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight official trailer

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Steven Grant (played by Oscar Isaac) finally met his alter-ego Marc Spector in a very physical sense in this week’s episode of Moon Knight, The Tomb. Marvel fans have since been left scratching their heads over the appearance of the friendly hippo goddess Taweret (Antonia Salib), and the Disney+ show’s cinematographer has shed some light on the revelations to come in the next two episodes.

Cinematographer Andrew Droz Palermo seemingly confirmed Steven/Marc were trapped in the afterlife in the disorientating final minutes of the fourth episode of Moon Knight.

Marc races down a series of shifting corridors which appear to bend and distort around him, which Andrew promises will be explained before the end of the series.

“That part is so fun for me. It was just almost Kubrickian,” he said.

“We were chasing him down the hallway, and the lanterns, I think we did practically.”

“I’m not sure if they were digitally replaced or not, but Oscar sells those things so well by the way he becomes unstable.”

Much like Stanley Kubrick’s classic horror film The Shining, Steven/Marc find themselves imprisoned in a labyrinth of endless corridors with seemingly no way of getting out.

After discovering a vital clue in the lost tomb of Alexander the Great and narrowly avoiding capture from some undead priests, Steven once again comes face-to-face with Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke).

Now as Marc, Arthur shoots him twice in the chest shortly after revealing the devastating truth about his involvement in the death of his ex-wife Layla El-Faouly’s (May Calamawy) father.

He then wakes up to find himself trapped in a mental institute before reuniting with Steven, who has been trapped in an Egyptian sarcophagus.

Andrew explained: “[Oscar] really sells it because of being unstable, both because of medication and also because of the corridor.

“There’ll be some more of what that corridor is all about in later episodes, which you’ll see, and why it’s doing this. So something to look forward to.”

They hurry past another coffin, which is speculated to be holding Steven/Marc’s third identity, Jake Lockley.

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However, it’s the sudden appearance of the towering hippo god Taweret which has become the Marvel show’s biggest talking point since episode four aired on Wednesday.

Andrew’s promise of further explanations about the facility’s morphing layout could tie in with Tawaret’s soon-to-be-revealed role within the series.

As the Egyptian god of fertility, she is also the protector of mothers and children and is said to guide those who have passed away safely into the afterlife.

During his recent interview with Metro, Andrew seemed to let slip where Steven/Marc really is, which may reveal more about how the hippo goddess will factor into the next episode.

He recalled: “That shot of when he’s falling into the water and going into the afterlife, or into the mental institution, however you want to perceive it right now, that was such a fun shot to devise.”

Once Steven/Marc is shot, their body drifts serenely through a dark pool of water before Marc wakes up in the bright white facility on the other side.

This, combined with Andrew’s explanation of the surreal sequences, suggests Moon Knight’s hero truly has been killed and will have to find a way to escape his death.

If Steven and Marc have truly made it into the Egyptian afterlife, they may have to try and convince Tawaret to give them a second chance on the surface to put a stop to Arthur’s schemes.

Moon Knight continues Wednesdays on Disney+.

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