Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen horrified as she wakes up to find lost tourist sat in her living room

Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen horrified as she wakes up to find lost tourist sat in her living room


AMANDA Owen has revealed her shock at discovering a lost hiker in her living room after waking up one morning.

The Our Yorkshire Farm star, 46, was left horrified after waking up to find a man in her Ravenseat farm.

Speaking to Simon Armitage on his show, The Poet Laureate Has Gone to His Shed, Amanda explained that Ravenseat has housed a number of travellers over the years.

"Ravenseat has always been a place for travellers, always," the Yorkshire Shepherdess said.

"As you go back in time, it’s always been a stop-off point, whether that was people going about their business on the pack horses with the coal from Tan Hill etc. etc. 

"But it’s always been about people going through on foot and basically travelling between kern to kern – you know the stone men that stand on the horizon and guide people? 

"Takes them right through Ravenseat, so every year we have people coming right through, passing by."

The mum-of-nine then went on to reveal one particular occasion where she woke up to find a Japanese man in her living room.

Amanda explained: "We had a Japanese chap who had got completely lost and couldn’t read the sign. He was actually sat in our living room one morning when we woke up.

“So yeah, I always think of Ravenseat as expect the unexpected."

It comes after Amanda hit back at mum-shamers and insisted she won't change her ways after facing criticism over the years.

The TV star spoke to Ben Fogle on an episode of Channel 5's Return to the Wild, where she explained she has received disapproving comments about her parenting style.

Amanda insisted of her kids: "They have to learn from their own mistakes, Clemmie might get a foot trodden on, she might get her bottom bitten but apart from that, that’s as far as it goes.

"What they’re actually getting is valuable life lessons and the ability to build to do things and I mean that is what it’s all about."

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