Outlander fans in uproar over deleted Jamie Fraser and Roger duel: ‘Shame it was cut’

Outlander fans in uproar over deleted Jamie Fraser and Roger duel: ‘Shame it was cut’


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Fans of the Outlander novels by Diana Gabaldon often have moments they are looking forward to being acted out on screen. One scene involves Jamie Fraser (played by Sam Heughan) engaged in a sword fight with his son-in-law Roger MacKenzie (Richard Rankin). The scene was filmed for season five but didn’t make the final cut and has instead been included as a deleted scene as bonus content for the Outlander DVD release.

In the short clip, Jamie can be seen looking for a sword for Roger before challenging him to a duel.

Picking up one weapon, Jamie remarks: “This one doesn’t look too battered, and it’s well-balanced. Try it.”

He hands the sword to Roger who swings it about to see if he likes the feel of it.

“How do you feel?” Jamie asks, to which Roger replied: “Like Errol Flynn,” forgetting his step-father wouldn’t get the reference.

But Jamie doesn’t mind as he comments: “It’s an elegant blade,” before brandishing his own sword.

Turning to face on another, swords held out, Jamie questions: “But is it serviceable?”

He begins to circle Roger before his stepson engages in the duel.

Roger even proves to be a pretty good swordsman as he knocks Jamie to the side while the people of Brownsville watch on.

The deleted scene has been circulated on Twitter and fans were quick to express their sadness that it was;t included.

One simply asked: “But why did they deleted it?”

Another added: “This scene should have never been deleted in the first place. It was a salient bonding moment between Jamie and Roger that needed to be seen.”

“So happy we finally get to see this shame it was cut,” a third posted.

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Someone else tweeted: “This was a favourite scene for me in the book that I had hoped I would see play out in the show. So glad they included it in the bonus reel. #Outlander.”

“I wish they kept this moment so much,”a fifth continued.

Another added: “Oh I have never seen this scene before. Disappointed. Why did the cut this out? That’s a great bonding moment between them both. I would have loved to see it on the show.”

It comes after writer Diana revealed she created a scene between Jamie and his daughter Brianna Fraser (Sophie Skelton) especially for season five.

Speaking on the podcast Outcasts, she detailed how she wrote the scene in which Jamie tells Brianna she has a half-brother.

“This was an interesting bit, I did create this scene completely new for the episode, not from the book.

“It wasn’t exactly one that was recommended to me on the tick list that you have to include so I’m kind of pleased with that.

“What I did need to do was deal with the picture of William. That’s all it said, ‘Lord John shows up and gives Jamie the picture of William,’ and they said, ‘We need to include this picture of William somewhere else.’

“They did think that Jamie should tell Brianna, or at least someone should tell Brianna about William because you know she is going off into the future and so forth, so it was the last chance.”

Outlander seasons 1-5 are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video now.

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