Phillip Schofield and Matthew Wright clash in row about Covid scaremongering

Phillip Schofield and Matthew Wright clash in row about Covid scaremongering


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Phillip Schofield and Matthew Wright clashed during a heated moment on Monday's This Morning.

Schofield, 59, and 55-year-old Wright disagreed over being cautious after lockdown restrictions relaxed recently.

They clashed while discussing the pubs reopening across England for the first time in months last week, with Matthew insisting there was a need for regulations in a bid to avoid further spikes.

During the segment which also featured co-host Rochelle Humes and guest Camilla Tominey, Matthew said that although it was nice to be normal, "what about the risk of the virus?"

Phil said that "all of the vulnerable people have been vaccinated" as he pointed out the number of people who suffered with mental heath issues amid the pandemic.

Referencing the frightening reports about new virus variants, Schofield added: "And for a weekend you get anxious about the fact there's a new variant and what it’s going to do.

"Then you look at the news today and it says it's not a great cause for concern.

"You think 'how dare you frighten me for another weekend?'".

Later, Matthew said: "The unvaccinated population anywhere on the planet could be the source of a nasty varian…"

Phil hit back: "You're the sort of person that I shout at over the weekend!"

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