Piers Morgan furious after BBC drops fisherman term in favour of fisherpeople

Piers Morgan furious after BBC drops fisherman term in favour of fisherpeople


Piers Morgan has hit out at the BBC's decision to use the gender neutral term fisherpeople instead of fishermen.

The Good Morning Britain star raged about the move on today's show after listening to a clip on Radio 4 of BBC's Europe Editor Katya Adler where she referenced fisherpeople.

Katya used the word fisherpeople because the BBC's style guide was recently altered with instructions to say it should be used in place of fishermen.

The BBC's policy states "men" should be left out of job roles that aren't exclusively male.

Upon hearing the clip, a furious Piers screamed: "God's sake. Let it stop! Let it stop!", as he held out his hands.

He also told how he was to shocked to read a study found just 2.7 per cent of people who fish are female.

"The BBC has Woman's Hour, has any man, apart from me as a joke, ever said you can't call it that?", Piers said.

"No, men don't think lie that. We're not wired that way. We don't care. It's utterly ridiculous."

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Pier's co-presenter Susanna Reid also said that fisherpeople sounded like a word from a fairytale – and suggested there is a better gender neutral term that could be used.

A segment on the show also claimed that women weren't keen on working on fishing trawlers.

In it, fisherman Ashley Mullenger was seen speaking from her boat in Nolfolk and admitting she'd never paid much thought to her job title.

She also told how she knew of only six women in the UK who did the same job as her.

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Piers used Ashley's remarks to reinforce his point, saying: "It is a joke, and that lady very brilliantly explained why it's a joke."

The presenter was then further enraged as the sound crew began to play the GMB music while he was still talking.

He said: "What's with all this Oscars-style music they use to drown us out? We're not at the Oscars you lot."

The music was then turned up even louder, much to the annoyance of Piers.

Piers continued: "No! I don't care. When did this start? Wrap up wrap up, play the music.

"We're not going anywhere. We're still going to be here. You don't get rid of us by playing music loudly."

Susanna added: "If Ofcom can't get rid of us, the music can't."

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