Queens BBC star Tomasz Schafernaker humbled to be huge part of her last days

Queens BBC star Tomasz Schafernaker humbled to be huge part of her last days


The Queen’s last days at Balmoral were spent watching her “crush” on TV as BBC weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker says he is “humbled” by the honour.

Her Majesty is reported to have taken a liking to Tomasz, 43, and began making a point of watching the BBC just to see the weatherman

A source told the Daily Mail: "It was like a bit of a crush. She always wanted to watch the forecasts he was on.

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"She was amused hearing the cadences when his name was read out but she loved watching him too."

In the Queen’s final days she followed her own tradition of watching the star on TV, and now the weatherman has said he is “humbled” to have been part of her last days.

“Feel so humbled to be mentioned like this…truly heartwarming.” Said Tomasz on Twitter.

The Polish-British meteorologist has a huge following on social media. During lockdown he was voted Britain's favourite weatherman, in part because of his long hair that he neglected to cut.

And the rebel presenter was banished from telly briefly after putting his middle finger up to then-BBC host Simon McCoy in 2010 on air.

It comes after it was revealed the Queen was bright, happy, and – as throughout her entire life – dutiful in her final days.

Sourced told The Sun how the monarch was “sparkling” and “buoyant” in her last days and weeks, despite her frailty.

And she was absolutely determined to swear in her 15th and final Prime Minister, Liz Truss.

Only 48 hours before the “kissing of hands” ceremony took place at Balmoral, the Queen was advised by concerned courtiers that she might consider letting Prince Charles perform the duty instead.

Charles had already replaced his beloved mother by reading the Queen’s Speech in Parliament.

But, when it came to swearing in the new PM, she would not even consider the switch.

She told them all: “Of course I have to, it’s my job.”

She went ahead, spending 40 minutes with the outgoing PM Boris Johnson, who said the Queen was “bright and focused” throughout.

He said this was “amazing”, given how ill she obviously was.

Boris — who sources say made the Queen laugh during their final encounter — said: “It was a pretty emotional time.”

Official pictures of the meeting which followed with Ms Truss showed the Queen looking very frail, and leaning on a walking stick, but smiling.

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