RHOBH's Erika Jayne tears up comparing 'hurtful' relationship with Tom to Kyle Richards & husband Mauricio's marriage

RHOBH's Erika Jayne tears up comparing 'hurtful' relationship with Tom to Kyle Richards & husband Mauricio's marriage


REAL Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Erika Jayne teared up as she compared her “hurtful” relationship with Tom Girardi to her co-star’s “healthy” marriages. 

The Bravo star got emotional during a cryotherapy session with cast mate Sutton Stracke while she longed for the romance Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley have with their spouses. 

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At the Los Angeles spa, Sutton, 49, asked Erika, 49, if she was “mad” that Tom, 82, did not come see her broadway performance in Chicago in NYC before the pandemic hit. 

“I would be f**king pissed,” Sutton added to her question. 

Erika confessed: “Yeah. It hurt. Your wife that you had supported and funded becomes a lead on Broadway and you don’t come to the show. 

“And then I have to go out there and defend it,” she said of her being asked why Tom didn’t come see her performance on Watch What Happens Live. 

She continued: “Now you tell me if I feel love. A lot of the reason I was on Broadway is because of the support Tom has given me throughout the years. 

“This was the payoff but why weren’t you there? Even for 24 hours!”

When Sutton asked “I wonder if he regrets it,” Erika confidently responded “No. No he does not.”

In a confessional, Erika began to tear up and was having to choke back her words as she compared her marriages to her co-stars. 

“It’s tough. It’s not the marriage between Mauricio and Kyle. It’s not a marriage between Dorit and PK. 

“My marriage was different than any of them. That’s the hardest part to reconcile,” she said wiping her eyes. 

Original RHOBH star Kyle, 52, has been married to real estate mogul Mauricio Umansky since 1996. 

Their marriage is often praised by fans as “goals” and has been heavily documented by Bravo cameras throughout the years. 

The pair also share daughters Portia, Alexia and Sophia together. 

Meanwhile, Dorit, 44, has been parried to Paul “PK” Kemsley since 2015 and have a playful relationship on the TV. 

Together, the couple share young kids Phoenix and Jagger. 

In November, Erika shocked fans when she filed for divorce from former super lawyer, Tom, 82, after 21 years together.

Following the divorce filing, he began getting hit with lawsuit after lawsuit for fraud, embezzlement and contract breach.

Erika became involved when it was claimed that they upheld their luxurious lifestyle with the money he had allegedly stolen from his clients.

Although she has denied ever knowing what Tom was up to – reports claim that he used $20MILLION of the money to also fund her entertainment career.

Last week’s episode of RHOBH showed Erika breaking her silence on her legal and marital woes.

As Erika sat down with her costars, she immediately began complaining about the drastic shift in her life that specifically pertained to material items. 

She told the ladies: “My life drastically changes this week. I let go of my Lamborghini I let go of my 16,000 square foot home.”

As tears began to swell in her eyes, she said: “Is it great to wear this jacket and live in this house and drive a Lambo? Yes but at what human cost?” 

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