Seven huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week including Nate Robinson's betrayal and Mandy Dingle's shock proposal

Seven huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week including Nate Robinson's betrayal and Mandy Dingle's shock proposal


TRACY Metcalfe assumes Nate Robinson is up to no good next week in Emmerdale when she catches him sneaking into the B&B with his ex-lover Moira.

Here’s the lowdown from the Dales… 

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1. Cain tries to teach Mack a lesson

Cain will realise that Mackenzie is the one stealing vehicles from his garage next week and decide to play a trick on him. 

When Eric books in his car for a service, Cain tampers with the brakes hoping to catch Mackenzie out.

Cain’s actions backfire terribly, however, when Tracy announces she’s going into labour and Eric rushes to get his car from the garage.

2. Cain puts Tracy’s life in danger 

Dan thinks that Mackenzie has stolen the car – and that everything is falling into place.

But Cain realises his error when he sees Mackenzie in the village and realises he’s not behind the wheel of Eric’s car. 

Meanwhile, viewers will see Tracy scream as the brakes fail in Eric’s car and they suffer a horrifying collision.

Will Tracy be okay?

3. Mandy proposes to Paul

Vinny uges Paul to come clean to Mandy about his gambling and Paul promises. 

But at the pub, Paul is stunned when Mandy launches into a musical proposal and ends up saying yes. 

Later, Vinny confides in Liv about Paul’s gambling and when Paul arrives, Vinny breaks into tears. 

4. Paul comes clean to Mandy

Paul comes clean to Mandy about his gambling in the wake of Vinny’s breakdown but fails to mention his violent outbursts.

Mandy kicks Paul out of the salon and bags up his stuff ready to take it to the pawn shop. 

Later, Mandy and Vinny discuss Paul’s betrayal but when Vinny’s phone rings, he’s shocked to hear that Paul has been taken to A&E.

5. Debbie kicks Charity out

Debbie tells Charity she's had enough of her antics – and that she should move back in with Chas at the pub. 

Zak arrives after hearing about their argument and demands answers from Charity.

Will he get Charity to make peace with her daughter?

6. Nate betrays Tracy

Viewers know that Tracy has been growing paranoid that Nate will hook up with Moira in recent scenes after he started helping her out around the farm.

It's not looking like a great week for Tracy next week as she grows certain she's caught the pair red-handed when she spots them heading into the B&B together.

Tracy heads to confront them with guns blazing.

But has she got the wrong end of the stick?

7. Harriet finds herself homeless

Harriet will continue on her downward spiral next week and tell Will she’s moving out before she can do anymore damage. 

The next day, Charles is stunned to find Harriet hiding in the church and realises she’s been there all night. 

Luckily for Harriet, Dan later offers her the spare room at his. 

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