Sierra Below Deck: Where is Sierra Storm from Below Deck now? Will she return?

Sierra Below Deck: Where is Sierra Storm from Below Deck now? Will she return?


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Below Deck has seen many different crew members come and go over the years. Sierra Storm was a memorable member of the crew who often clashed with Kate Chastain. But who is the Below Deck star and will she ever return to the Bravo series?

Who is Sierra Strom on Below Deck?

Sierra Storm is an American-born, Miami native who began her sailing career shortly before appearing on the show.

The 31-year-old got her first yachting job just three months before making the transition to the Below Deck crew.

Originally, she was drawn to the luxury lifestyle of the clientele and wanted to enjoy the high life at sea. 

Fans of the series will remember her impulsive attitude that got her in hot water on more than one occasion. 

This was something she carried with her throughout her career, as she was setting sail just five days of being certified to join a yachting crew.

She prides herself on her love of travel, with it inspiring her to work at sea in the first place.

The star had already travelled to the best of the Caribbean islands, including Abaco, St. Martin, and St Barth since becoming a stew.

She worked as the Third Stew on Below Deck, directly working for Chief Stew Kate Chastain.

Storm didn’t make a great first impression on her new crew when she missed her flight to arrive at the yacht in time before the next charter began.     

Things only got worse for Storm as she soon found herself in conflict with Kate Chastain over things she should have been doing.

One of the main things she kept getting wrong was forgetting to check her radio, often leaving it away from her.

This led to Chastain attempting to tie the radio to her, but Storm wasn’t having it, refusing to do so based on pride. 

“I didn’t wear it because I didn’t know, not because I don’t care,” Storm said following the awkward moment.

Chastain soon found her without the radio tied to her wrist, to which she said: “This is a punishment, where do you want me to tie it?”

Following the moment, Chastain added to camera: “They say brains and beauty are a hard combo to find, and Sierra’s just really pretty. So pretty.”

Storm hasn’t featured on the show since with her current situation remaining unknown.

The star has no form of social media and hasn’t updated fans following her appearance in the series.

It seems unlikely that she would make another appearance in the show, despite fans loving the conflict she brought to the crew.

Despite her issues with Chastain, she proved to the crew that she could handle herself, especially after rejecting Kyle Dixon who confessed his feelings towards her.

Storm managed to hold her own, even after Dixon got a little hot-headed when she didn’t reciprocate his feelings.

Below Deck is available to watch on Bravo, Hayu and Peacock.

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