Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown threatens to divorce wife Robyn as they fight over where to live – The Sun

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown threatens to divorce wife Robyn as they fight over where to live – The Sun


SISTER Wives star Kody Brown is at odds with his fourth wife, Robyn – so much so, he's threatening to divorce her.

On last night's episode, the reality star couple reached a boiling point over the stress of their current living situation in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Kody and his fourth wife, whom he legally married in 2014, fought over whether the family should rent or buy a house.

In the clip, the polygamous couple met with their children to break the news they needed to be out of their Flagstaff rental in 60 days, because the owners of their house were selling.

Kody, 51, announced: “Alright kids, guess what? We got some news. And the news is, this house is up for sale and it’s been sold.”

Robyn’s 20-year-old son, Dayton, asked: “Really?”

Kody replied: “Yes, we’re out in 60 days.”

“We’re having a really hard time trying to find a rental. I don’t know what to do at this point,” Robyn, 41, told her visibly upset kids.

But Kody chimed in with a different approach.

He said: “We’re not finding a rental, I’m sorry. We’re going to make an offer on a house, we’re gonna buy a house.

"Mom doesn’t like it and I haven’t talked her into it yet."

Robyn shot down her husband's idea: “Well, we don’t have to do that, we have a little bit of time to keep looking for a rental."

The duo argued away from the children in a confessional.

Robyn said: “I guess Kody decided to tell the kids he wants to buy, so …”

“It’s not a matter of wanting love, it’s a matter of there is only one choice here provided,” Kody explained.

A frustrated Robyn huffed to her husband: “God is not limited by the rules of this earth, and if he wants to provide the rental when he provides it, it’ll be fine.”

Kody insisted the message God was sending to him was opposite of what Robyn heard from her higher power.

He said: “I’m not saying that he can’t do that. I’m saying that he’s telling us to do something else."

“He’s not telling me that,” Robyn snapped back.

In previous episodes, Kody promised Robyn the family's move to Flagstaff would reunite the family, and in turn, she promised the kids the same.

But then the mom of five had to explain the broken promise to their children.

This isn't the first time the couple and Kody's other wives – including Meri, Janelle and Christine – had been at odds over their living situation.

Initially, it was the move from Las Vegas, then came the house idea, then it was whether to buy or rent.

But Robyn just wanted to build on their Coyote Pass property and reunite the entire Brown clan.

Kody admitted during the family discussion buying a house would set back their grand plans of building their own home on Coyote Pass.

The setback, however, is the exact reason Robyn is against buying.

She said: “It will set us back as far as moving out to Coyote Pass, I don’t know why he’s saying it might

“It’s not just affecting me and my kids if we were to buy and delay, it’s like affecting the whole family.”

Sister Wives airs on TLC Sundays at 10 p.m. ET.

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