‘Step too far’ Arbiter shares concerns on Queen’s health as she pulls out of Cop26 summit

‘Step too far’ Arbiter shares concerns on Queen’s health as she pulls out of Cop26 summit


Queen: Medical team being 'safer than sorry' says Arbiter

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Her Majesty the Queen was forced to cancel her trip to Glasgow for the Cop26 summit following advice from her doctors, Buckingham Palace has confirmed. Royal commentator Dickie Arbiter appeared on Wednesday’s instalment of Good Morning Britain to defend the monarch’s cancellation, telling viewers it would have been a “step too far” for her to go in the current climate. 

The Queen has pulled out of hosting a reception for world leaders at the Cop26 climate change summit on November 1.

Backing the move, Dickie told Good Morning Britain viewers: “She will carry on working as we saw yesterday, doing her audiences with ambassadors and she doses her red boxes but I think taking her to Cop26 is a bit too far.”

He explained he thought it would be better for the Queen to be “safe than sorry”.

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he 81-year-old said:  “It is important to the Government, and it is important to the country, but given that there are reported to be something like 30,000 people reported to be pouring into Glasgow for this particular conference.

“I think it’s the palace and [the Queen’s] media team wanting to be safe than sorry.”

This will be the Queen’s second cancelled trip on health grounds in recent weeks.

The Queen recently had to cancel her trip to Northern Ireland and it was revealed shortly after she had spent a night in hospital for preliminary tests.

But the monarch will attend Cop26 virtually by recording a video addressing attendees at the climate event.

Dickie added: “It’s bound to raise COVID-19 infection up there, the Queen is 95, and she won’t actually be participating, she would be going to a reception and delivering a message.”

He explained the Queen’s message to leaders at the summit will be delivered via a video link. 

“But I think there really is a chance that infections will spike during the course of this Cop26 conference so it’s [important] to keep the Queen safe in her bubble,” he added.  

Buckingham Palace said the monarch had “regretfully decided” not to attend the event.

A Palace spokesperson added: “Her Majesty is disappointed not to attend the reception but will deliver an address to the assembled delegates via a recorded video message.”

ITV viewers took to Twitter to rally their support around the Queen following her cancellation of the climate conference.

Julien Duncan said: “For goodness sake, the Queen is a lady, who is 95 years old. Any ordinary person would NEVER expect their 95-year-old relative to achieve any of the visits and functions, that she has been achieving. Their health and safety would be paramount.”

Patsy Murrell agreed: “Is Cop26 going to be the new ground zero for a new variant? The Queen is right to swerve this event!”

Sandy Dee added: “Totally agree with [being] safer than sorry. The Queen is 95 after all, plus other members, like our next king, will be attending.”

Neil commented: “She’s 95, we need to stop rolling her out like she’s a party trick for others’ entertainment. Prince William would have a greater impact as he’s the future of the monarchy and will likely be on the throne for many years after [Prince] Charles.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays between 6am and 9am on ITV.

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