'Ted Lasso:' Like Roy Kent, Brett Goldstein Believes in Ghosts

'Ted Lasso:' Like Roy Kent, Brett Goldstein Believes in Ghosts


Anyone who watches Ted Lasso knows that Roy Kent is a very complex guy. He knows all the lyrics to “Let It Go” and does yoga with a group of middle-aged women. It was no surprise when it was revealed in season 1, episode 6, that the veteran footballer was afraid of ghosts. 

What may be surprising to learn is that Brett Goldstein, the actor who plays Roy Kent, also believes in the supernatural. The actor and writer recounted a run-in with a sweet-obsessed phantom on the July 28 episode of the podcast You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes. 

There are parallels between ‘Ted Lasso’ and Goldstein’s ghost stories 

Fans of Ted Lasso know that the Richmond stadium was once a recruitment center for the World War I war effort. Once the soldiers came back, many were treated and died in the team’s treatment room. In the episode “Two Aces,” the team thinks this is the cause of the curse and haunted treatment room.

Goldstein’s experience also has a medical background. When he was 19, he and his family went on vacation to Devon, England, with family friends. The mother had just died of cancer a few months before their holiday. According to the actor, the two families stayed in separate lodgings. 

One afternoon, while Goldstein and his family were swimming in the hotel pool, the other family arrived “in a state.” They had moved into the hotel because a ghost had invaded their summer home.

Brett Goldstein’s ghost hated candy

According to Goldstein, the daughter and her friend were lying in bed, having just eaten sweets. Once they said good night and turned out the light, things got weird. “A sweet hit one of them in the head,” Goldstein recounted. The “sweet tossing,” as Holmes coined it, persisted until one of the girls turned on a light. 

“Sweets were flying around the room. They’re sh**ting themselves.” The girls eventually got their skeptical father, who was also attacked by flying pieces of candy.

Unlike Roy Kent on ‘Ted Lasso,’ Goldstein went to investigate

At first, both families thought the poltergeist was the deceased mother, who apparently hated candy. Goldstein then went to the house with a few of his companions. “We go in the house. We go up the stairs. We’re nervous. Me and my sister are scared,” the actor told Holmes. 

“Nothing happens for about five minutes. I need the toilet. I go to the bathroom, which is next to the room where the sweet incident happened. Before I go in the bathroom, my dad puts a 50 [pence], a 20 [pence], and a 10 [pence] on the bunk beds like an offering, like ‘Let’s see if these move!’”

Goldstein went to the bathroom and admitted he didn’t flush. “I was distracted.” When he went to leave, “Suddenly, at the same time, the toilet flushes and the three coins go ‘BANG BANG BANG’ in three different directions, and all of us run the f*** out of the house screaming. True story. I don’t know what it means.”

The ‘Ted Lasso’ star knows his ghost story is unbelievable 

In the end, Goldstein revealed that the homeowners figured out that the alleged ghost was not their mom but a previous tenant who did not like “the friend’s energy.”

As he wrapped up his tale, he admitted his experience seems made up. “For the record, I understand. You can say whatever you want to say. ‘This is f***ing madness. I don’t believe a single word of it.’ And I’ll go ‘Yeah, it is f***ing madness. All I can tell you is that’s what I saw.”

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