Teen Mom Briana DeJesus' ex Devoin posts disturbing video showing daughter Nova, 9, feeding DEAD MOUSE to his pet snake

Teen Mom Briana DeJesus' ex Devoin posts disturbing video showing daughter Nova, 9, feeding DEAD MOUSE to his pet snake


TEEN Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus' baby daddy Devoin Austin posted a disturbing video that showed their nine-year-old daughter Nova feeding a dead mouse to his pet snake.

The father shared two clips of the snake's mealtime on his Instagram Stories on Tuesday.

The clip, which was shard on Tuesday, began as Nova held a tiny mouse with metal tongs.

She clutched the mouse as the snake slowly came out of her hiding spot in a tank.

Devoin, 28, complimented Nova on her "good concentration" as the snake approached the dead animal.

The orange snake then jumped toward the mouse and wrapped her body around its meal.

Nova remained calm throughout the clip, while Devoin said: "Dang, she ain't never coiled like that."

The clip concluded with Devoin showing the snake wrapped around the mouth one more time before he told his daughter she did a "good job."

Devoin shares Nova with ex Briana, 26.

Despite co-parenting together, the exes are not on the best of terms.

Earlier this week, the Teen Mom 2 star lashed out at Devoin after he forgot to pick up Nova at her gymnastics class.

Devoin's mother, Charita Austin, recently claimed that Teen Mom producers have "fed lines" to Nova.

The 50-year-old expressed her concerns while exclusively speaking to The Sun.

Charita, who has a strained relationship with Briana, told us: “It's painful for me to watch Nova in the show now.

“She has to try to remember her lines, what the producers are telling her to say.

“If you watch some recent episodes you can see Nova struggling to understand what is happening.
"I saw her answer a question, and then had to change her answer to fit the script! It happened several times. Anyone watching saw that.

“In one episode, Briana was telling Nova ‘you’re going to your grandmother’s for the first time.’"

She continued: “That was talking about me but she has been to see me many times.

"I'm worried it's making her confused and anxious she is not close to her daddy's family."

In addition to Nova, the MTV star also shares three-year-old daughter Stella with ex Luis Hernandez.

Briana has been open about her messy relationships with both of he exes, though has publicly called out Devoin for not meeting her halfway financially when it comes to raising Nova.

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