Teen Mom fans slam Briana DeJesus for boasting she won't stop getting plastic surgery despite Jade Cline's complications

Teen Mom fans slam Briana DeJesus for boasting she won't stop getting plastic surgery despite Jade Cline's complications


FANS have shamed Briana DeJesus for bragging about her long-term goals with plastic surgery immediately after nursing Jade Cline back to health from traumatic liposuction complications.

The Teen Mom 2 star previously faced backlash as fans claimed her own Brazilian butt lift looks "unnatural."

Briana, 27, spoke about her long-term plans to continue having plastic surgery as she confessed to feeling "insecure" about the way she looks.

"Even though Jade just had a horrible experience with plastic surgery, Brittany wants to get something done," she explained, referencing her older sister.

The reality star then told her sibling about her surgeon, Dr. Miami, saying: "I just want to support you, and then he obviously wanted to see me because I'm his patient and he hasn't seen me since my last surgery.

"And I told him I felt like I had more skin than I needed. And he said the only way to fill that up is to go a bit bigger," she explained while touching her chest.

"I wasn't planning on getting anything but you know what, f**k it, right?" Briana asked.

Later in a confessional, the MTV star elaborated on her choice to return to the plastic surgeon.

"Jade went through a really really bad experience but it's been like a year and some change since I had my surgery.

"I definitely am still insecure. So I am gonna go to Miami to get some more work done," she admitted.

"Hopefully our recovery isn't as bad as Jade's recovery, but I feel like if you are insecure about something and you feel like the gym isn't going to help, your next best thing is plastic surgery.

Briana continued: "That's just the route that we have gone on before and I feel like I'm going to continue going on this route until I feel my absolute best.

"I know that kinda sounds a little messed up but here we are."

Jade suffered an "excruciatingly painful" recovery after getting liposuction 360 and a Brazilian butt lift in Miami.

Her swelling and injuries were so terrible, that she stayed in Florida for days afterward while Briana helped nurse her back to health.

Immediately after Jade left to go back home, Briana and Brittany planned their own trip for cosmetic surgery touch-ups.

Fans took to Twitter to slam Briana for her views on plastic surgery, as one person wrote: "Brianna decides to get surgery like it’s candy."

Another added: "Briana on a scary path. Surgery, after surgery. She’ll end up on an episode of Botched soon."

A third chimed in: "Plastic surgery is one hell of a drug!"

The criticism continued as another viewer wrote: "So Brianna going back to doctor and have her butt bigger,lmao,girl you trying to be a Kardashian and it's not working!!"

Others suggested the TV personality invest in therapy, as one person wrote: "Somebody should tell Bri that she may need a little bit of therapy also because surgery is not gonna make you feel any better about yourself you always gonna find something that’s wrong with yourself."

However, fans have not offered their praises for the Florida native's curvy look, earlier this month they slammed her body as "unnatural."

During a previous episode of Teen Mom when Briana was calling 911 to help Jade through her pain, fans got a good look at the mother of two's butt in a tight pair of leopard print shorts.

On Reddit, one fan took a screenshot of the post and re-shared it with the caption: “So..this is what Jade put her life on the line for huh?”

Others headed for the comments to offer words of agreement as they slammed the reality star.

“Looks ridiculous,” one Redditer wrote, while others said her butt is “so out of proportion” and looks “gross, terrible.”

Another commented that Bri’s new curves look “too unnatural for her physique.”

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