Teen Mom fans slam Farrah Abraham for spelling errors in new book that are 'so bad' readers 'thought it was a joke'

Teen Mom fans slam Farrah Abraham for spelling errors in new book that are 'so bad' readers 'thought it was a joke'


TEEN Mom alum Farrah Abraham was slammed by fans for spelling errors in her new book.

MTV fans said the typos are “so bad” that readers “thought it was a joke.”

Fans took to Reddit to share an excerpt from Farrah’s self-help book Dream Twenties, which is described as “a self-guided self-help memoir by New York Times best-selling author Farrah Abraham.”

The excerpt began: “I dedicate this book to; those who live a life of justice and those who want to live a life of justice – that is the actual dream not only in your 20’s but in life.”

She went on to dedicate the book to her 12-year-old daughter Sophia.

Farrah then gave shout-outs to many others, including “those experiencing PSD, ADHD, depression, severe anxiety, mental illness, a disability, risk of their health, a bodily injury, or chronic pain.”

Following the dedications, the MTV alum included a disclaimer to explain “this book is self-published by Farrah Abraham any and all grammatical errors, typo’s, are due to typing on mobile, or technical errors, Farrah Abraham proofed this and it was ready to be published.”

The grammatically incorrect note continued: “This book is self-published by Farrah Abraham who believes in you.”

Many fans rushed to Reddit to discuss the unique excerpt from Farrah’s book.

One Teen Mom fan wrote: “It’s always the ones with such a low IQ that wants to be so pretentious.”

Another added: “It literally looks and sounds like she wrote it on the notes app on her phone one night at 2am.”

A third chimed in: ”Oh. My god. I actually have no idea what she is trying to say.”

The criticisms continued as another person wrote: “I feel like I just got dumber from reading that.”

An additional Reddit user added: “I guess this is evidence literally anyone can publish a book.”

Fans continued to slam Farrah, as a following person wrote: “Her ego is too big to take corrections from anyone. That’s why it’s self published and self edited.”

One person asked: “Wtf did I just read.”

Others admitted they thought the excerpt was a joke, with one fan commenting: “I truly thought this was satire at first. I’m afraid it really is the beginning of her book though…”

Another Reddit user said: “Throw it in the trash where it belongs.”

The TV personality previously announced the book in a video posted to Facebook while she received a Botox injection.

Just days, ago, Farrah came under fire for her memoir when she referred to herself as a “top Googled celebrity.”

She also bragged that she will become a "New York Times best-selling author" in a Facebook post announcing the book.

The former 16 & Pregnant star posted a description of her book, which led to much ridicule from fans.

Many slammed the ex MTV for the description, as one disgruntled fan wrote: "The only book related to her that I’d want to read is when her daughter gets older, goes through decades of therapy & writes a book about how to survive a crazy parent. 😬"

Another wrote: "Top Googled celebrity?"

A third fan of the Teen Mom series wrote "I’d rather read a dictionary 🤷🏼‍♀️."

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