Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry shares sweet video of sleeping son Lux, 3, who 'snuck' in her bed during the night

Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry shares sweet video of sleeping son Lux, 3, who 'snuck' in her bed during the night


TEEN Mom star Kailyn Lowry woke up on Thursday morning and discovered her son Lux, 3, had “snuck” into her bed during the night.

The 29-year-old shared a sweet video of the little guy deep in sleep by her side.

With the sun starting to peek into the room through the slightly-open window curtains, Kailyn kept a blanket half covering her face as she recorded the Instagram Story.

The mother of four, who shares Lux with ex Chris Lopez, stared directly into the camera as Lux could be seen with his eyes shut right behind her.

Wearing Spider-Man pajamas, the 3-year-old was asleep in Kailyn’s bed and she had no idea until the morning arrived.

Kailyn wrote: “I don’t even know when this guy snuck in here.”

After getting up and out of bed, the Teen Mom headed out for the day but told fans she hadn’t gotten much sleep.

She sat in her car with a sweatshirt on and her hair pushed back with a headband and said to her followers: “If you see me out in public today, I need you to just mind your business [because] it’s been a long night.”

Kailyn’s morningtime snuggle with her 3-year-old comes after he and his brothers mocked the reality star for starting her morning every day by immediately going on Instagram.

Lux, Isaac, and Lincoln were “dragging” her for her online persona, which involved going on the social media platform every day and enthusiastically saying, “Good morning, Instagram!”

She shared a video of Isaac, 11, and Lincoln, 7, taking turns coming down the stairs and impersonating her and her morning Instagram personality.

“Lincoln says I do this,” Kail captioned the video.

Next up was Lux’s turn to mock her, and the mother-and-son duo sat in the car, with Lux front and center, saying, “Good morning, Instagram” over and over.

Finally, Kailyn got her chance to say the phrase, and cheerfully recited the words to her followers.

Aside from sharing the ways her sons have been mocking her this week, Kailyn also shared a few photos about the art Lux has been making.

The mom of four revealed he had an art show on Monday night, and that she’s “so proud of him.”

The little boy posed next to his artwork and smiled big for the camera.

Lux was rocking his new hairstyle after Kailyn shared pictures last week of him getting his hair braided.

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