Teen Mom Maci Bookout SLAMMED for yelling at husband Taylor for asking friend to pick up daughter from school

Teen Mom Maci Bookout SLAMMED for yelling at husband Taylor for asking friend to pick up daughter from school


TEEN Mom OG star Maci Bookout was SLAMMED for yelling at her husband Taylor McKinney after he asked a friend to pick up their daughter from school.

The argument was documented in a teaser clip for Tuesday’s episode of the MTV show.

In the clip, Taylor, 32, called Maci’s friend to ask if she could pick up their daughter Jayde, six, from school because he had to go get Maci’s son Bentley, 13, while his wife was sick.

Maci, 30, later confronted Taylor, explaining that she didn’t like him “making decisions about the kids” without her.

She said: “The other day when I was sick of whatever, Ashley called me and was like, ‘Taylor called yesterday’ and then you asked her to pick Jayde up from school because I was sick.

“I get what you were trying to do, but there’s a layer to this that I would prefer it not happen again.

“You and I both take a lot of pride in showing up for our kids, being there for our kids, no matter what.”


When Taylor asked how he should have handled the situation differently, the Teen Mom OG star responded: “Next time when you have something to do, especially with our kids, either don’t do it or run it by me first.

“I know for a fact that if the roles were reversed and I did that you would be so mad at me.”

Taylor said he wouldn’t be upset with her and he was just trying to “take the stress off” of her.

The argument ended with Taylor admitting he didn’t feel appreciated as he exited the house, while Maci said they got “absolutely nowhere” with the conversation.


A number of fans sided with Taylor in the feud, as they took to the comments section to call out the mother of three.

One person wrote: “She complains too much he didn’t do anything wrong.”

Another added: “Now if he forgot Jade or was hella late picking up Jade then what? He asked YOUR friend to pick her up because you weren't feeling good. I wish my husband had this much sense. I love Maci but girl!!!!!! Be happy he was proactive and made sure he found someone ya'll both trust to pick her up.”

A third chimed in: “She sounds so ridiculous and I hope she apologized to Taylor for this.”

Many agreed Taylor didn’t do “anything wrong,” as one Instagram user commented: “Really? Please, be happy you have a guy that handled it so you could rest….. I don't get it.”

A following fan wrote: “I love maci but shes wrong on this one.”

Others said the argument was an attempt at a storyline, as one person said: “This is f**king absurd. Tell me you have run tf out of filming material without telling me you've run out of filming material.”

In addition to Jayde, Maci and Taylor share five-year-old son Maverick.


Meanwhile, Maci shares Bentley with ex Ryan Edwards, 33.

MTV fans have watched Bentley's strained relationship with his father and stepmother Mackenzie, 25.

In past episodes, the teen has pleaded with Ryan to attend therapy with him.

Viewers watched as the seventh-grader refused to see his father until he agreed to go to therapy with him to work on their strained relationship.

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