Teen Mom star Vee Rivera reveals if she quit Baby Mamas No Drama podcast after Kailyn Lowry's cryptic quotes about feud

Teen Mom star Vee Rivera reveals if she quit Baby Mamas No Drama podcast after Kailyn Lowry's cryptic quotes about feud


VEE Rivera has spoken out about her place on the Baby Mamas No Drama podcast after her co-host Kailyn shared a cryptic message about their feud.

Kailyn, 29, claimed earlier on Wednesday that she would be continuing the podcast "by herself" after drama ensued between the co-parents.

Vee, 28, took to her Instagram stories to share her own side of the story regarding the Baby Mamas No Drama podcast.

"I just wanted to hop on here cause so many people were DMing me and asking me what happened to me on the podcast and stuff like that," she began.

"I'm actually doing an episode, so I'll be on Tuesday, it would just be me and my best friend we're going to do an episode.

"Me and Kail decided that we're going to like kinda do episodes separately until we get our s**t together," she confessed.

"There's a lot going on but like we're fine. I'm actually filming with her later or whatever but we're okay.

"I just don't want you guys to like worry too much. We're just you know, we have to work through some things," the Teen Mom star admitted.

"It's normal but the show must go on so I will be having my own episode next week and she'll have her episode with Tony.

"But we are still here, we are still gonna podcast, and yeah I can't wait," she closed.

Fans became concerned about Kailyn and Vee's relationship earlier on Wednesday when the blonde hosted an episode of the podcast without her co-host.

Kailyn explained to her listeners: "Things have transpired in the past week or so, and so I think I'm going to continue the podcast by myself."

"Baby Mama all drama right now," she joked.

However, others were not so amused, as they took to social media to slam the mother of four for "going through people."

"At some point, Kail has to stop and look at herself and why she goes through people so fast and get a new therapist because it's obviously not working for her," one wrote.

"I love Vee she solid and real so whatever happened probably Kail's fault," another roasted.

Another reasoned: "Vee probably had enough of Kail's shit too," while a fourth scathed: "But y'all SWEAR SHE AIN'T the problem."

"She can't keep friends, baby daddy's, co-workers, family members…..Nothing. Sis needs to look inward at this point," a final suggested.

This wasn't the first time the two have not seen eye-to-eye after they admitted encountering "bumps in the road" this past April.

"We haven't podcasted in some time [together] because we were having some internal conflict. We were having some internal issues," they explained.

"We were having some co-parenting bumps in the road. We took the time to podcast with other people and took a break and worked it out, and now we're back."

 Vee added: "Now we're back and better than ever… It just goes to show it's always up and down, a work in progress always…"

"People think because we work together and have been through so much in 11 years like now we're in a healthy space, and we'll never have problems again. Like we were so beyond that, you know what I mean…" Kailyn reasoned.

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