The Fan Reactions to the 'Love Is Blind' Reunion Are So Good

The Fan Reactions to the 'Love Is Blind' Reunion Are So Good


Warning: This post contains major Love Is Blind spoilers.

The Love Is Blind reunion show dropped on Netflix in the wee hours on Thursday, March 5—and it most certainly didn't disappoint.

The 12 main cast members reunited with hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey to rehash all that happened on the show—and everything that has transpired in the year and a half since. (The show filmed in 2018.) And they had a lot of say. Amber confronted Jessica over her continued flirtation with Barnett. Carlton and Diamond seemed to get some closure. Damian and Giannina told us they are back together. We all fell collectively more in love with Lauren and Cameron, who are still together—thank goodness. We don't need that heartbreak in this dark and twisty world right now.

As they have throughout the show's run, people on social media had strong reactions to the Love Is Blind reunion.

Of course, there was the Barnett, Amber, and Jessica of it all. "Amber dragging Jessica for filth is exactly what I needed to happen in the Love is blind reunion," one person tweeted. Another commented on Barnett's facial reactions during the confrontation, "Barnetts face while amber is going in on Jessica on the love is blind reunion is a big moood."

People continued to have a lot of opinions about what went down between Carlton and Diamond. "LMFAO the Love Is Blind reunion was interesting. Highlights, Carlton doing the most in the apology to Diamond ??‍♂️, Amber reading tf out of 'Mess-ica' and Lauren and Cameron being the best thing to come out of the show," one fan wrote.

America's sweethearts, Lauren and Cameron, did not disappoint fans. Their love feels very real—and they seem so happy. Some were clamoring for a spinoff.

We just need to know one thing: if (and when) season two is happening. Your move, Netflix.

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