The Masked Singer: Harlequin’s identity ‘sealed’ with eye patch clue viewers missed

The Masked Singer: Harlequin’s identity ‘sealed’ with eye patch clue viewers missed


The Masked Singer: Harlequin performs ‘Falling’

Harlequin impressed The Masked Singer judges and viewers last weekend as they performed a rendition of Falling by Harry Styles. At the moment, the consensus with fans of the ITV show is the celebrity taking part is chart-topper Gabrielle, 50, especially after the quirky character performed Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car, which was sampled on the Dreams hitmaker’s iconic hit. However, one eagle-eyed viewer noticed another clue which could signify Gabrielle is participating in the biggest game of Guess Who which was cryptically placed into one of the performances.

During Harlequin’s recent stint on stage, there was a piano player seen in the background and it was a clue most viewers seemed to miss.

Taking to micro-blogging site Reddit, user DyceCubes wrote: “A Harlequin clue I haven’t seen anyone else mention.

“The piano player was wearing a mask that only covered the left eye. Due to being born with ptosis, Gabrielle has always covered her left eye in public.

“Either with an eye patch or by growing out her hair,” they continued and several other fans also picked up on the subtle nod to Gabrielle’s appearance.

“Yes, I picked up on the piano player. Great clue,” one replied with another adding: “That’s so clever – what a fantastic spot there – I was looking at the piano player trying to work out if it was a Phantom of the Opera reference – haha.”

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“Picked up on all this too! Sorry, I’m not a big frequenter of this [platform], so has anyone yet mentioned the fact that Harlequin uses the phrase ‘not a patch on’?” a third asked.

There was another reference to one of Gabrielle’s iconic hits during the second clue package played during last weekend’s show.

Harlequin was recorded backstage and the judges watched as they dropped a hand fan, making it ‘Out of Reach’ to pick up.

This was the title of one of the singer’s songs released in 2001 which peaked at number four in the UK charts.

Gabrielle has always covered her left eye

The Masked Singer viewer

With the semi-finals this weekend, viewers won’t have to wait long to see if their perditions are correct.

On Twitter, fans have also been going into overdrive about Gabrielle possibly taking part, with one writing: “If Harlequin isn’t Gabrielle then I will eat my hat. #TheMaskedSinger.”

Another added: “Harlequin has got to be #Gabrielle #TheMaskedSinger,” with a third posting: “Harlequin is Gabrielle 1000000 percent #TheMaskedSinger.”

However, others think someone else might be hiding behind the mask, with a fourth sharing: “#themaskedsinger @ITV #harlequin has to be Macy Gray?”

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During their previous clues packages, the Harlequin said: “A Harlequin is a bit of a clown, and although I’m no fool, you can definitely say that I’m a bit of a jack.

“Would I say taking part in the masked signer was a laugh? Absolutely not. The thought of walking on stage is quite terrifying, you might have to push me on there.

“It’s like doing karaoke, and that is a whole new experience for me. Bring on all the fun of the fair,” they continued.

The contestant also referenced how they “once played a male lead in a musical,” adding to the mystery of who the character really is.

Harlequin has recently added: “They say it’s a man’s world. I don’t know about that. I did begin my career in a man’s suit, which is maybe not that surprising.

“After all, I’ve stood shoulder to shoulder with dignitaries. I’ve chatted to world leaders, but none of them was a patch on the prince I once met.

“It knocks me off my feet to think of all the places I’ve been,” they continued.

Loose Women star Charlene White, 40, recently addressed the rumours she was the quirky character, protesting to the panel she “wasn’t” taking part.

The Masked Singer airs tonight at 7pm on ITV.

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