The Tourist: BBC viewers baffled as glaring plot holes spotted ‘How convenient!’

The Tourist: BBC viewers baffled as glaring plot holes spotted ‘How convenient!’


The Tourist: Official trailer from the BBC

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Several glaring plot holes have already been spotted in the BBC’s gripping new miniseries, The Tourist. Set in the Australian outback, the six-part thriller has already received overwhelming acclaim, but some audiences struggled to keep up with the mind-boggling premise and outlandish twists and turns.

Jamie Dornan stars as the unnamed protagonist in the gripping new thriller, which aired its first episode on New Year’s Day.

After being pursued by a manic truck driver, he wakes up in hospital with no recollection of who he is and what he’s doing in Australia.

Facing the relentless wilderness of the outback, he embarks on a search for answers.

Unfortunately, someone seems to have put a bounty on his head as he narrowly survives yet another close encounter with death.

The series has received stellar reviews from critics, but did the mind-bending premiere live up to the expectations?

Not only were viewers perplexed by The Tourist’s central mystery, but some huge conveniences for Jamie’s character proved far too distracting to some.

Initially getting about on a wheelchair and crutches, ‘The Man’ seemed to heal his injuries remarkably quickly when it came time for him to begin his search for answers.

Several viewers took to Twitter when they noticed he had already abandoned his walking aids midway through the first episode.

David O’Brien complained: “That ankle’s healed quickly.”

John Nolan added: “All of a sudden he’s walking fine!”

Later on, Jamie had yet another stroke of miraculous luck when he stumbled across some CCTV footage that could provide some clues.

The video managed to point him in the right direction, and there was even a lip reader in the store who could provide what he was saying.

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“How convenient, a lip reader,” Nina tweeted, adding an eye roll emoji.

And fizzyfish summed it up: “Has #thetourist got off to the most implausible start ever? I’m really hoping this gets better.”

Overall though, viewers seem to be gripped by Jamie’s forgetful trek across the outback.

A shocking conclusion to the premiere, which involved a mobile phone hidden in a stuffed koala and a man who’s been buried alive, will also ensure viewers will be sticking with the series over the coming weeks.

Danielle Macdonald is also along for the ride as The Man’s likeable cop friend, Helen Chambers, and viewers are already getting suspicious about waitress Luci (played by Shalom Brune-Franklin).

Susan tweeted: “Well I haven’t got a Scooby Doo what’s going on but I’ll stick with it in the hope that things start to make sense.”

Thankfully, fans who don’t have the patience to wait to find out more can already binge The Tourist’s remaining five episodes online.

The Tourist will continue next Saturday at 9pm on BBC One, or stream all episodes now on BBC iPlayer.

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