The Truth About Michael B. Jordan’s New Super Bowl Commercial

The Truth About Michael B. Jordan’s New Super Bowl Commercial


When it comes to the Super Bowl, there’s always plenty to enjoy. Of course, there’s the action that takes place on the field when the big football game is going on, however, that’s not all that people tune in to see. Along with the always-entertaining half time show, countless of viewers are more interested in the viral-worthy commercials than anything else. You know it’s true! While some Super Bowl commercials are good and, others are bad — and then there are those that are downright controversial — there are always a few that leave people buzzing for days or even weeks.

That may very well be the case with one particular 2021 Super Bowl commercial that boasts an appearance from none other than Black Panther and Creed star Michael B. Jordan. That’s because, although “Jordan is one of several A-list stars who will be appearing in various high-profile commercials during this year’s Super Bowl,” according to Entertainment Tonight, his spot features him doing one of the things he does best: Being ridiculously hot!

Michael B. Jordan takes off his shirt and gets in the bath for his Amazon ad

If you already have a crush on Michael B. Jordan — which is understandable since he was deemed People‘s 2020’s Sexiest Man Alive — then the star’s 2021 Super Bowl commercial will be just the thrill that you’ve been looking for. If you didn’t already have a crush on the actor, then the Amazon ad might just do the trick.

In the one-minute commercial, the Alexa device is admired in a meeting before a woman notes that she “literally couldn’t imagine a more beautiful vessel for Alexa to be inside.” That’s where Jordan comes in, as the woman seems to have a change of heart when she sees an image of the star on the side of the bus — and, in turn, dreams of what it would be like for him to be the form that Alexa takes on.

As the techy idol helps with dinner, waters the lawn (while getting soaked in the process), dims the lights, takes off his shirt, and reads to the woman in a bath, it’s like a saucy dream come true. Granted, it also happens to be a nightmare for the lady’s husband who isn’t too keen on the super sexy version of Alexa. Fortunately for him, the device isn’t really available in a Jordan-esque form, but we can definitely see it being added to a lot more homes if it was.

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