The Witcher location: Where is The Witcher filmed? Where’s it set?

The Witcher location: Where is The Witcher filmed? Where’s it set?


The Witcher: Author Andrzej Sapkowski discusses Netflix series

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The Witcher is streaming on Netflix now with British actor Henry Cavill as the title character Geralt of Rivia. The show takes place in multiple locations and across timelines. takes a look at the locations and settings for the series.

Where is The Witcher set?

The Witcher will be taking its cue from the beloved fantasy novels by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski.

Following mutated monster hunter Geralt, the series is set in a mythical medieval world where beasts and magic exist.

Witchers train from a young age to become monster hunters and are adept in their fighting skills.

Geralt will be given a great task which could save this world known as the Continent as it grows more volatile.

The Witcher started out life as a short story called Wiedźmin in 1986 before author Sapkowski penned more and eventually went on to produce the novels.

The show has already spawned a TV series in its native Poland back in 2002 with Michael Zebrowski assuming the mantle of Geralt.

Sadly, the series which was also known as The Hexer only got one series consisting of 13 episodes.

However, The Witcher found greater success as a video game which has spawned many sequels and remains popular.

Speaking about the inspiration for writing The Witcher, Sapkowski said in a Netflix featurette: “For me, it’s still a great mystery of life.

“It was some impulse, something that came out of the sky. And then, becoming a full-time writer was something that I never imagined. Never.”

The writer even visited the set of The Witcher to see some of the filming taking place.

He said: “I’ve never been on the set of no movie at all. So, for me, everything is a big surprise, a big event.

“To be part of it practically, to see it with my own eyes, incredible. Absolutely incredible. I’m very satisfied to be here. Thank you very much.”

Sapkowski said he didn’t have any concerns about the adaptation “at all”.

According to The Witcher showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich, the Netflix series has gone back to the short stories because it was where “a lot of the world-building happened”.

Here is a list of episodes from The Witcher season 1:

  • Episode 1. The End’s Beginning
  • Episode 2. Four Marks
  • Episode 3. Betrayer Moon
  • Episode 4. Of Banquets, Bastards and Burials
  • Episode 5. Bottled Appetites
  • Episode 6. Rare Species
  • Episode 7. Before a Fall
  • Episode 8. Much More

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Where is The Witcher filmed?

The Witcher season one started shooting in October 31, 2018 and was filmed in a number of locations, according to US entertainment site Deadline.

Among the locations were Hungary, Poland and Gran Canaria and the island of La Palma, La Provincia reported.

Filming on season one wrapped up in May 2019 with the shoot ending at Ogrodzieniec Castle in Poland.

Ogrodzieniec is located on the so-called Castle Mountain and was built in the 14th century in the Gothic style.

The castle has changed hands over the years with a number of families owing it.

However, it was abandoned in the 19th century – luckily after the Second World War it was nationalised.

The castle has been restored and tourists can visit the grounds of the magnificent historical structure.

According to the locals, the castle is haunted by a large black dog which is said to be the former owner, the Castellan of Krakow, Stanisław Warszycki.

The Witcher is streaming on Netflix now

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