'This Is Us' Season 6 Episode 14 Recap: Kevin's Endgame Is Revealed in 'The Night Before the Wedding'

'This Is Us' Season 6 Episode 14 Recap: Kevin's Endgame Is Revealed in 'The Night Before the Wedding'


The wait is finally over, This Is Us fans. After six seasons of wondering who Kevin will end up with, the NBC drama has finally given viewers the answers they have so desperately sought. So did Kevin choose Sophie, Cassidy, or the wedding singer, Arielle, to be his forever love in This Is Us Season 6 Episode 14? Read on for the cheesy and heartwarming details from “The Night Before the Wedding.”

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from This Is Us Season 6 Episode 14, “The Night Before the Wedding.”]

Kevin waits for Sophie to arrive in ‘This Is Us’ Season 6 Episode 14

The beginning of This Is Us Season 6 Episode 14 shows six-year-old Kevin writing Valentine’s for girls in his class. The hour then flashes forward to the day before Kate and Phillip’s wedding. Kevin is watching Arielle sing “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley. Cassidy also drops by before the rehearsal dinner to tell Kevin he looks good, and he returns the sentiment.

Randall then approaches his brother and calls him out for staring at the door all day, waiting for Sophie to arrive at the venue. Randall warns Kevin that Sophie is a married woman and not to “cause any trouble at their sister’s wedding.” And right when Kevin claims he and Sophie are “cool” and “there’s nothing to worry about,” Sophie walks in, and they share longing looks.

Sophie says hi to Rebecca, who thinks she is still in college and trying to make long-distance work with Kevin, who is watching them from afar. Arielle runs up to Kevin and hugs him to get away from one of Phillip’s drunk family members. He leaves her to go to Sophie, but Madison and the twins intercept him.

Kevin later finds Sophie trying to locate her lost luggage at the concierge. He offers to drive her into town to find new clothes since her husband, Grant, couldn’t make it to the wedding. All the stores are closed, so the ex-husband and wife go to the dry cleaners to sort through unclaimed clothes. Sophie finds a gorgeous green dress for the wedding.

After, Kevin and Sophie pick up food and toiletries at a convenience store in This Is Us Season 6 Episode 14. They catch up, and Sophie informs him that she’s a traveling nurse now. They decide to continue their day together and travel to a vineyard, where Sophie comes clean and tells Kevin she is divorced. He gives her his jacket, and they walk up and down the vineyard, talking about their lives.

What exactly happened to Kevin the night before the wedding?

Kevin and Sophie return to the wedding venue in This Is Us Season 6 Episode 14. At night, Kevin makes s’mores with his children while constantly stealing glances with Sophie. They meet in the elevator, and without speaking a word, they head to Kevin’s room.

Kevin and Sophie start kissing, and her shirt and bra come off. But when they fall on his bed, Kevin comments that her hair smells the same. Sophie freaks out and puts her shirt back on, leaving her bra behind. She tells him that he should like how her hair smells now. Kevin, confused, asks for more information about what’s going on.

Sophie tells her childhood sweetheart that she and Grant used to have this inside joke where he would pretend to fast-forward when Kevin was on TV. And one night, Sophie realized that she couldn’t do it anymore because she is “never going to be able to fast-forward through you.” She refuses to go backward, though, and since they have so much history, Sophie leaves his room.

Rejected, Kevin goes to the bar and gets a ginger ale. He sits with Arielle, who tells him that she likes to watch people and write song lyrics about them. Arielle reads the flirtatious lyrics she wrote about Kevin on a napkin, and she gives it to him.

Kevin heads back to his room. In the hallway, he runs into Nicky, who is fetching ice for him and Edie for reasons Kevin does not want to hear. When Kevin relays his romantic struggles, Nicky gives his nephew a metaphor about a game. He tells him that just when he didn’t think he had another shot, he did.

Cassidy shows up, and she and Kevin go into his room so that he can help her unzip her dress. She changes into her pajamas in his bathroom. Kevin tells her about Nicky’s metaphor, which seems to imply that Kevin and Cassidy should be together. Cassidy reminds him that she’s not his person and vice versa. In a toothachingly sweet exchange in This Is Us Season 6 Episode 14, Kevin and Cassidy call one another their best friend.

Do Kevin and Sophie finally work things out in ‘This Is Us’ Season 6 Episode 14?

Kevin wakes up alone the morning of the wedding in This Is Us Season 6 Episode 14. A montage of some of the day’s events flashes by, and we finally catch up to Randall asking Kevin about the night before. Kevin informs his brother that Sophie is no longer married. Beth overhears and says, “I knew it! This cracks the case wide open. I gotta go find Madison.” Kevin expresses that he doesn’t want to hurt Sophie again.

In a very convoluted way, Randall gives Kevin one of his classic speeches. He brings up how the Buffalo Bills lost the Super Bowl four years in a row. However, thousands thought that the Bills won because some merchandise went to nations in need. Somehow, bringing it full circle, Randall says, “The world is freakin’ insane, man. It makes no sense. But you and Sophie together, now that makes more sense than most things. You’re not going to screw it up this time. I know it.”

Elsewhere, Sophie and Rebecca have a heart-to-heart talk after Rebecca’s song. Rebecca, who still thinks they’re married and 20 years old, tells Sophie, “The timing is just off right now. He isn’t ready for you. He will be, but it’s gonna take a while. And I don’t know if you can wait around for that — I mean, personally, I don’t know if I could. But when the timing is right, he’s going to be so great.”

Kevin goes to Sophie at the reception, but she tells him that it’s her turn to give a speech. She says:

“I have spent years of my life praying that you would grow up. But now, here you are, 20 years later, and you’re finally the man that I always knew you possibly could be. At first, I honestly didn’t believe it, that we could finally be at the right place at the right time. And that I would finally be the best version of myself. But I am. And you are. And I freaked out last night because I don’t want us to fall back into the old versions of ourselves. You know? I need you to love me for the woman that I am now, not the woman that I was. Cause you’re not the man that you were. And I wanna fall in love with the man that you’ve become.”

Kevin then takes the Valentine he created for Sophie when she was a new student in his class out of his wallet. He tells her, “I’ve always carried you with me, Soph.” They kiss while the rest of the Pearsons clap and cheer for them at the end of This Is Us Season 6 Episode 14.

Per IMDb, This Is Us Season 6 Episode 15, “Miguel,” airs Tuesday, May 3, at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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