Tipping Point fans swoon over hunky doctor joking he can ‘jab them anytime’

Tipping Point fans swoon over hunky doctor joking he can ‘jab them anytime’


Tipping Point fans were left fawning over a contestant on Monday night's episode of the ITV show, taking to Twitter to make their feelings clear.

Newly-qualified doctor Gabriel, who was based in London, left viewers swooning as he played through the competition.

But some viewers were disappointed to discover he had a wife at home, and he was hoping to win enough cash to treat her.

He explained his wife Lisa had been there to support him all throughout his medical training.

As host Ben Shephard quizzed Gabriel on all things general knowledge, viewers flocked to Twitter to compliment the hunk.

One joked: "Gabriel can jab me anytime he wants!"

Another said: "Wish Gabriel was my doctor."

A third wrote: "He's a doctor and he's beautiful. This boy has it all."

Someone else tweeted: "Gabriel is literally an angel on earth. That smile, oh my days!"

While a fifth admirer went on: "Gabriel's wife is one lucky lady, that's all I'll say."

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And a number of others suggested Gabriel's good lucks would be more suited to "Hollywood movies" or a "boyband", rather than the GP surgery.

Gabriel managed to make it to the final round of Tipping Point, giving him the chance of winning the £10,000 jackpot prize.

However he didn't manage to pick up the big prize, instead going home with a respectable £3,100.

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Some viewers were left complaining about the tough time Gabriel had, suggesting his questions seemed a lot harder than usual.

"What sort of questions were they on Tipping Point? Poor lad didn't stand a chance," one tweeted.

Another wrote: "Poor Gabriel. What b***** awful questions today."

A third commented: "My brain's not working today which isn't helping but those questions were a touch brutal."

Someone else said: "Questions in the final seemed harder today. Usually painfully easy…"

While another added: "He's had some s***ty questions! Glad he got the £3,100."

Gabriel isn't the only quiz show contestant whose looks have had a lasting affect on viewers, though.

Last week, The Chase player Melanie left fans declaring their love – but her time was sadly cut short by ChaserPaul Sinha.

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV

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