Tipping Point player begs for ‘miracle’ after Ben Shephard catches him stealing

Tipping Point player begs for ‘miracle’ after Ben Shephard catches him stealing


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Tipping Point star Ben Shephard praised one player's "fantastic" steal on Friday's show, as contestant David nicked a counter from his rival by default.

Player Kris was in the lead with £1,150, but when he incorrectly answered a question about space, his rival David managed to steal his turn – leaving him begging for a miracle.

The tricky question read: "Which family of American space rockets takes its name from the giant children of Uranus and Gaia in Greek mythology?"

A fan of travel, Kris guessed Saturn, having seen the planet written across a number of machines in the space centre in Florida.

Ben asked David what he would have guessed, only for Kris' rival to point out he would have gone for Apollo.

Both players were wrong, as the correct answer – Titan – popped up on the screen, meaning David earned a counter by default.

Kris was crushed by the loss, as Ben exclaimed: "Fantastic steal for you there cause Kris got it wrong."

David, however, was less than enthusiastic, as he pointed out he needed a major windfall to catch up with Kris.

"I need a miracle," he said, nervously watching the counter fall.

Ben was delighted when he saw five counters pool in the tray, shouting: "Can we get you something here to start this comeback? Yes, we can!"

The Tipping Point veteran, who has hosted the show since its 2012 inception, congratulated David on the steal, pointing out it was the nature of the game.

"Five counters, £250 on the steal," he said. "And that significantly closes the gap."

While David came close to securing the lead, he fell at the final hurdle when he passed on a question about the Renaissance art movement.

That meant Kris sailed through to the final, where he managed to make a tidy £3,050 before getting sent home.

When asked how he planned to spend his winnings, Kris revealed he hoped to splash out on flights to Las Vegas, and buy a hairless cat.

It was a show first for Ben, who exclaimed: "I don't think anyone's ever suggested they want a hairless cat!"

Tipping Point airs on weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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