Truth Seekers: Where did idea for Truth Seekers come from? Nick Frost explains

Truth Seekers: Where did idea for Truth Seekers come from? Nick Frost explains


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Truth Seekers is Amazon Prime’s latest original series which is a collective mix of comedy and horror. Starring Shaun of the Dead alumni Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, Truth Seekers has been released today, Friday, October 30. In typical fashion of the acting duo, the series delves into a world where everyone is in danger.

Truth Seekers follows Gus (played by Nick Frost) a broadband installer who boss Dave (Simon Pegg) asks to mentor new recruit Elton John (Samson Kayo).

Little does Elton know what he has got himself into though as Gus is a part-time paranormal investigator with his own YouTube channel Truth Seekers.

Up until this point though, Gus had only ever seen a door move by itself and there were even question marks over if that was just the wind.

But things quickly turn spooky as the pair go from house to house and discover a new ghostly phenomenon waiting for them.

Where did idea for Truth Seekers come from?

Truth Seekers is the creation of Frost and Pegg, along with director Nat Saunders and James Serafinowicz.

While the show is about amateur paranormal investigators, the plot of the show originally stemmed from the character Gus and videos of the unknown.

Speaking to press at a live Q&A including, the actor explained: “I think James [Serafinowicz] and I started to think about Gus as a character.

“And then James and Nat [Saunders] know each other and I know Simon [Pegg] and we were like a little gang.”

Frost continued: “And after a year of thinking about, not exclusively, but we would send little clips of someone in Brazil who had seen an alien scuttling across the road or like an exorcism in the Ukraine.

“We’d send a lot of that s**t around to each other and said ‘that’s kind of creepy’ and it kind of grew from that.”

“After a while of doing that, it seemed quite fertile in terms of we can create these characters who are kind of believable humans even though they are in a very unbelievable things.

“You know, we had lots of stories and it felt like a good thing to do.”

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Pegg and Frost rose to fame for starring in and writing “The Cornetto Trilogy”.

The trilogy is made up of comedy horror films Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End.

While Truth Seekers is not an extension of The Cornetto Trilogy, it does have a very similar feel to the British classics.

While Pegg’s role in Truth Seekers is limited to cameo appearances due to his filming commitments to Mission Impossible, the series is both of their creations.

Summing up what the series is about to The I, Frost said: “It’s about a gang of idiots who are nice people with a weird hobby where they’re discovering earth-shattering secrets like a Rapture bunker, or daft stuff like a tortoise that can see the future.

“You can go back in time, erase everyone’s memories… You can do anything in this genre.”

Truth Seekers is available to watch on Amazon Prime.

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