Vigil viewers frustrated by ‘ridiculous’ element of BBC drama ‘I’m struggling’

Vigil viewers frustrated by ‘ridiculous’ element of BBC drama ‘I’m struggling’


Vigil: Amy Silva finds chef Jackie dead on the floor

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Episode four of Vigil aired on Sunday evening, as the six-part BBC drama continued to investigate the foul play happening onboard HMS Vigil. However, viewers of the show were soon getting bored and distracted with the show, as they took to Twitter to express their frustration.

Within minutes of episode four airing on BBC One, viewers of the show were already on social media complaining about the length and storylines of the show.

One user began: “F*** me, this is turning into a soap opera storyline rather than a murder-mystery drama #vigil.”

Another added: “Really struggling with Vigil, I can’t stand men undermining women like this. It’s b******t #Vigil.”

A third user commented: “Anyone watching Vigil? It’s f***ing awful, ain’t it but invested too much time in it to stop now #Vigil.”

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“I’m afraid #Vigil is becoming increasingly ridiculous,” a fourth user added with another agreeing: “I am totally lost as to what is happening #Vigil.”

Viewers picked up on a significant plot hole within the drama’s second episode when they were outraged that they didn’t see a giant ship sailing towards them.

The submarine had to come to the surface as the ship had come off of its batteries and was using diesel to power the ship.

As one of the members were looking through the periscope, a Tanker was speeding towards the submarine.

Having to dive quickly, the crew had to standby for a collision and braced themselves for any kind of impact with the ship trailing towards them.

The sonar alerted the crew as the ship got closer, with the captain becoming more concerned with if they were going to make it.

As the ship luckily managed to dive quickly enough, fans quickly spot the flaw within the storyline and took to Twitter to express their frustration.

One user wrote: “Why did they need a periscope to spot a slightly large tanker? Don’t they have radar????? #Vigil.”

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Another added: “I’m sorry, all that tech, personnel and expertise, and they only spotted a tanker through a periscope just ahead? #Vigil.”

Sunday’s episode saw Amy (Suranne Jones) confront one of the crew members with her discoveries about their deception, but with her mental health suffering, questions were asked about her fitness to investigate.

On land, Kirsten (Rose Leslie) refused to bow to the pressures from the authorities and had concerns that they are orchestrating a cover-up.

Amy uncovered some terrifying new information about someone aboard Vigil, with her discovering chef Jackie (Anita Vettesse) dead on the floor.


As she discovered her body, a mystery crew member came charging at Amy was a gas mask on, tackling her to the ground, ending the episode on yet another cliffhanger.

Vigil is the latest drama from The Crown’s Tom Edge and the fact that its executive producer is the same man responsible for both Line of Duty and Bodyguard, only heightened the expectation.

With six episodes in the series, viewers have to wait a week to watch the next episode of the show as they have been unable to binge them all on iPlayer.

Vigil continues Sunday at 9pm on BBC One. 
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