What happened to the Olsen Twins?

What happened to the Olsen Twins?


STEP back to the 90s and early noughties and the Olsen Twins were EVERYWHERE.

They made millions from movies, TV shows and merchandise – you name it, they had their name on it.

Who are the Olsen Twins?

Ashley Olsen

The twins were born on June 13, 1986 and Ashley is the oldest.

The pair are actually fraternal twins, which means they are not actually identical.

Ashley is shorter than Mary-Kate by one inch.

Along with her sister, she launched to fame on Full House in 1987.

They actually played the same person, but split the part between them.

After they found fame, Ashley and Mary-Kate starred in multiple films including New York Minute, When In Rome and Passport To Paris

They also had their own TV shows like Two Of A Kind and So Little Time.

Along with her sister, Ashley made her fortune through acting roles and merchandise and she has a personal wealth of £250million.

From clothes to hair straighteners, everything had the Olsen name on it.

Mary-Kate Olsen

Known to her friends as MK, Mary-Kate is the youngest twin by two minutes.

She has always worked with her sister and the pair have made their money together.

Every show and film Ashley was in, so was MK.

Like big sister Ashley, she has a personal wealth of £250million.

In 2008 it was reported that Mary-Kate was dating the late actor Heath Ledger before he sadly passed away.

What happened to the Olsen Twins?

If you can believe it, the Olsen Twins actually haven't acted in 15 years and New York Minute was their last film in 2004.

They now call themselves "former actresses" and have said they won't act ever again.

After they quit the limelight, they attended NYU college but dropped out after two years.

In 2007 they carved out a successful career as fashion designers

The Olsen twins started two lines, The Row and Elizabeth and James, and have been successful with each ever since.

Do the Olsen Twins have children?

As of 2021 the pair don't have any children.

However, during her five-year marriage to Oliver Sarkosy, MK was step-mum to his two kids from his previous marriage to Charlotte Bernard.

Mary-Kate and Oliver filed for divorce in April 2020.

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