Who did Mack sleep with in Emmerdale as his secret lover makes a pledge?

Who did Mack sleep with in Emmerdale as his secret lover makes a pledge?


In the aftermath of Charity (Emma Atkins)’s pregnancy tragically ending on Emmerdale, Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb)’s reaction is that he wants them to try again to have a baby. Charity is not in agreement with this at all – she’s still grieving and she’s worried that because of her age, a future pregnancy could go wrong too.

In the middle of a blazing argument, Charity tells Mack that if he wants a baby, it won’t be with her. She tells him to go and ‘scatter his seed’ somewhere else.

And that’s exactly what he goes off and does. While Charity is making her mind up that she wants to fix her relationship, Mack is in bed with a mystery woman.

But who could it be?

We don’t have many clues, but in upcoming episodes Mack reveals to Nate (Jurell Carter) that he’s cheated on Charity with someone local. This narrows it down, and the mention of Nate could possibly suggest that it’s someone connected to him.

Could it be Naomi (Karene Peter)? She’s already caused a stir in the village with her attitude to Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) and we’re about to discover that she has a sinister link to Nicola (Nicola Wheeler), having been part of the girl gang who attacked her. And she’s not backward in coming forward as far as men are concerned.

Or could it be Chloe (Jessie Elland)? She’s previously been linked with Nate and since the stalking storyline with Noah (Jack Downham) we haven’t seen a great deal of her.

And as an outside bet – Sandra (Joanne Mitchell). We do know that Mack likes women older than him, and as he gets a text message saying his secret is safe shortly after his transgression, that’s exactly the kind of thing Sandra would do. Obviously ‘safe’ has a different meaning in Sandra’s vocabulary – just ask poor Rishi (Bhasker Patel).

Whoever it is, one thing’s for certain. No secret is really safe for long on Emmerdale.

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