Who is Celebrity MasterChef 2021 contestant Nabil Abdulrashid?

Who is Celebrity MasterChef 2021 contestant Nabil Abdulrashid?


NABIL Abdulrashid shot to fame when he showed off his comic skills on Britain's Got Talent.

The comedian is now swapping the stage for the kitchen on Celebrity MasterChef 2021.

Who is Nabil Abdulrashid?

Funnyman Mohamed Nasir Nabil Abdul Rashid ibn Suleman Obineche was born September 3, 1985 is an English comedian of Nigerian descent.

The 35-year-old comedian now lives in Croydon, London.

In September 2011, he married his wife.

They have a daughter who was born November 16, 2014.

When did Nabil Abdulrashid first get into comedy?

It was at the age of 25 that he started a career in comedy.

In 2010 he became the youngest black comedian to perform stand-up at the Hammersmith Apollo.

Since then he has become known on the comedy circuit.

In December 2016, Nabil appeared on two-part BBC Two documentary Muslims Like Us.

Why did Nabil Abdulrashid performance receive complaints?

Nabil made it through to the final of the ITV talent show after a comedy set about racism where he attacked "angry far-right guys".

He said: "Angry far-white guys come out going: 'Look at that, it's terrible him doing jokes about being black and muslim. If a white non-muslim did that it would be racist.'

"Well, duh. That's like me saying: Look at that guy kissing his wife, it's romantic. But if I kiss her…"

But although his set won praise, he also faced a backlash.

Over 700 people have complained about his performance to Ofcom.

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