Woman begs for help after suffering from ‘severe’ phobia of Jaws theme tune

Woman begs for help after suffering from ‘severe’ phobia of Jaws theme tune


The iconic theme tune from the 1975 thriller Jaws is a huge part of Hollywood history and is cherished by many.

However, for one woman from Kent, the creepy music is the stuff of nightmares and causes her to break down whenever she hears it.

Lenny has been suffering from this severe phobia since she was 12 years old.

On Monday (June 6), she called into This Morning to speak to therapists Nik and Eva Speakman during the ITV show's phobia segment.

She said: "When I was 12 years old, I was watching Jaws with my parents and I ended up having really bad tummy pains, was told to go upstairs and lay down.

"From then on I have had the most severe phobia of the theme tune."

She added: "I actually woke up in hospital, I was having an operation – I ended up having appendicitis that night – woke up in hospital and I thought I'd died."

Lenny said she woke up in the hospital screaming and has had a "nasty" phobia of the theme tune ever since.

Lenny's phobia makes her scream and cry whenever she hears the song, but she revealed she loves sharks and would swim with them.

Nik said: "Well most people we work with who have a phobia of sharks, it comes from watching Jaws.

"What's interesting about your case is the fact that it's just the theme tune."

He continued: "What I want you to consider is when you had this stomach ache, you were feeling ill – so you're feeling vulnerable – and then your parents say go upstairs and lie down.

"You're actually not watching the film. So you're not blaming the shark and you've not got a shark phobia, but I bet you can still hear the music when you're in your bedroom."

Nik told Lenny that music can be very emotive for people and take us back to different memories.

He suggested that she tries to think of the music in a different light and see it as something that actually helped to save her life.

"What that song represents to you is being in absolute pain, going down to your parents and saying, 'Look I need some help for this'," Nik said.

He added: "Your parents thought, 'Something’s going on here', they took you to hospital and you got better.

"For me, I think that was a great thing, that song, because that helped you to get better."

Lenny said she would have to re-listen to the music to see if she felt better after Nik's advice.

Phillip Schofield suggested playing the song live on air and Lenny ended up giggling instead of her usual breakdowns.

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