WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 Results: Roman Reigns Is Head Of The Table

WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 Results: Roman Reigns Is Head Of The Table


Hell in a Cell, WWE’s October PPV, has come to a close. Sunday’s show saw three matches in the titular enclosed cell, two of which are match of the year contenders. Roman Reigns and Jey Uso put on a compelling and dramatic match for the Universal Championship, and Sasha Banks took on Bayley in an innovative and intense battle for the Smackdown Women’s Championship. The evening closed out with a battle between Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. Below, you can check out all the results for the October 2020 PPV below.

The show took place in the Thunderdome, at the Amway Center in Orlando Florida, Hell in a Cell had multiple championship matches throughout the evening.

In order to watch a replay of the PPV, you’ll have to sign up for the WWE Network, which costs $10 a month. Aside from being able to stream live events, you’ll also be able to watch old episodes of Raw, Smackdown, WCW Nitro, PPVs, as well as original content. There is also a Free Tier, which you can watch the Kickoff Show of the PPV, but not the main card.

Below, you can find the match card for the show. There are a few championship matches, many of which take place inside the Hell in a Cell. A few of the matches for the PPV have been booked the hours leading into the event.

Match card:

  • R-Truth (c) vs. Drew Gulak (24/7 Championship–KICKOFF SHOW)
  • Jeff Hardy vs. Elias
  • Bobbly Lashley vs. Slapjack
  • Otis vs. The Miz (Winner gets the Money in the Bank briefcase)
  • Bayley (c) vs. Sasha Banks (Smackdown Women’s Championship Hell in a Cell Match)
  • Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Randy Orton (WWE Championship Hell in a Cell Match)
  • Roman Reigns (c) vs. Jey Uso (Universal Championship Hell in a Cell “I Quit” Match)

Below, you’ll find the winners and losers from Hell in a Cell. Additionally, there are some notes about each match.

Kickoff Show

  • One match has been announced on WWE’s Twitter for the Kickoff Show, prior to the event.
  • Jeff Jarrett has joined the Kickoff Show. We’re waiting to see how many times he says, “Slap nuts.”
  • Slap nuts count: 0

R-Truth (c) vs. Drew Gulak (24/7 Championship)

The match began with Gulak doing a series of high fives with Lil Jimmy–many of us didn’t even know R-Truth’s sidekick was in attendance. Gulak then proceeded to kick Lil Jimmy, possibly ending the career of the invisible boy sidekick. This eventually led to Truth paying homage to his childhood hero, John Cena, and doing the five knuckle shuffle. Truth eventually got a roll-up and the win. Right afterward, Lucha House Party and Akira Tozawa ran to the ring to win the 24/7 Championship. Truth escape unscathed, for now.

Truth wins by pinfall.

Booker T revealed his Shuck Ducky Quack Quack moment for Hell in a Cell, and I am still utterly confused what that means. It’s revealed that the Universal Championship match will be the opening bout for the PPV.

Main Card

Roman Reigns (c) vs. Jey Uso (Universal Championship Hell in a Cell “I Quit” Match)

Both men had very long entrances. Normally, we don’t review matches for PPVs outside the “Big Four”–of five if you count Money in the Bank. However, there is some fantastic storytelling going on here with two men trying to be the most powerful in their family. Multiple times, one of the men passed out, not being able to utter the words “I Quit,” so the match would continue.

The ref was about to stop the match, as Jey had taken a hellacious beating, and Reigns threw the ref out of the ring. Eventually, Jimmy came to the ring, as Reigns was about to smash Jey–still unconscious–with the steel stairs. After a heartfelt moment between Reigns and Jimmy, Reigns attacked Jimmy and Jey ended up yelling “I quit” to save him. Reigns went to the top of the entrance ramp and was greeted by the Wild Samoans, who gave Reigns a lei.

Sure, this was heavy on the soap opera antics, but it was an incredible match. How can anything follow this?

Roman Reigns wins.

Jeff Hardy vs. Elias

Elias–and the commentary team–reminded us many times that Elias’s new album is dropping tomorrow. After a back-and-forth match, Hardy hit Elias with his guitar, and Elias got the win.

Elias wins by DQ.

Otis vs. The Miz (Winner gets the Money in the Bank briefcase)

During the match, Morrison got involved and was kicked from ringside. Later, Tucker hit Otis with the Money in the Bank briefcase, knocking his partner out. This led to The Miz getting the win and the end of Heavy Machinery.

The Miz wins by pinfall.

Tucker explained after the match that Otis can’t do anything without Tucker, but Otis gets all the credit. Otis and Tucker started fighting backstage.

Bayley (c) vs. Sasha Banks (Smackdown Women’s Championship Hell in a Cell Match)

Bayley brought a chair to the ring with her, but then lost it before the cage dropped. She looked very concerned. Where would she find another steel chair? Later, she was reunited with that chair, don’t worry. Like most Sasha Banks matches, there were numerous times where it look like she got seriously injured. That’s what she’s great at. This was a brutal and innovative match. And speaking of innovative, Banks got Bayley to tap out by putting her in the Banks Statement, with a folding chair around her neck, while she kicked the chair.

Banks wins by submission.

Someone from The Hurt Business is taking on someone from Retribution. MVP nominated Bobby Lashley to take on Slapjack from Retribution.

Bobby Lashley vs. Slapjack

This is now for the United States Championship. It went exactly how you think it would.

Lashley wins by submission.

Post match: The other members of Retribution attacked Lashley, then the rest of The Hurt Business came to the ring. The Fiend was nowhere in sight.

Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Randy Orton (WWE Championship Hell in a Cell Match)

Orton tried to sneak up on McIntyre during his entrance prior to the match beginning. The two battled each other around the cell on the outside. Eventually, they got into the cell and the ring and the bell rang. After a fight in the ring, Orton used bolt cutters to get out of the cell, and then he pulled a classic Raw vs. Smackdown video game move. Climb to the top of the cage and wait for the AI (McIntyre in this case) to chase you. Nothing really happened on top of the cage, but McIntyre did take a bump climbing down onto the announcer table. Even the bump took a while to be put into action.

Eventually, the men got back into the ring and continued fighting. Randy Orton got the win in the end.

Orton wins by pin.

Sadly, The Miz did not come out with the Money in the Bank briefcase and cash in. The Hell in a Cell PPV ended with Orton and McIntyre staring at each other.

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