Young Sheldon plot hole: Why doesn’t Sheldon’s family fight in The Big Bang Theory?

Young Sheldon plot hole: Why doesn’t Sheldon’s family fight in The Big Bang Theory?


Fans of The Big Bang Theory on CBS and All 4 have been following the Young Sheldon series since the original came off air. The spin-off prequel stars Iain Armitage as a younger Sheldon, who is played by Jim Parsons in the original series. In The Big Bang Theory Sheldon speaks harshly of his family, but the same cannot be said for Young Sheldon.

Fans of The Big Bang Theory will know Sheldon Cooper does not always speak highly of his family.

His father George Cooper (played by Lance Barber in Young Sheldon) is often described by Sheldon as being verbally abusive against his mother and he said he was a “raging alcoholic”.

Sheldon has been open about his family life growing up and he mentions in one episode how his dad cheated on his mum.

But fans are wondering whether this will be addressed in the Young Sheldon series, feeling the family gets on too well compared to how the older Sheldon described them.


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Reddit user bd_smithy said: “My problem with Young Sheldon, I was watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory and Sheldon makes his childhood seem a lot worse than it is shown in the show.

“For example George and Mary (Zoe Perry) never fight, Sheldon’s never really bullied by Billy (Wyatt McClure) or Missy (Reagan Revord) and Georgie (Montana Jordan).

“So it seems very unlike the childhood Sheldon describes in The Big Bang Theory.”

Some viewers feel the older Sheldon was distorting the truth when he told his adult friends about his parents.

They said it would be “insulting” for Young Sheldon to ignore the fact his dad cheated in the original series.

George Cooper senior does not feature in the original Big Bang Theory as Sheldon explained his dad died when he was a child.

This means fans never get to see what George was like, compared to how Sheldon describes him to his friends.

Shubhamptl8 said: “The directors said that the narrator Sheldon is now old with children and that he sees what his parents did in a much better light now instead of looking down on them.

“It’s his (Sheldon) story to tell and he’s decided to tell the good parts until now.”

Other fans have picked up on George’s rough exterior in the spin-off, saying he can sometimes be a lazy father.

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TMT51 said: “To be fair, TBBT was always a comedy sitcom, which means many, many things were exaggerated for the purpose of making the audience laugh.

“It was rather entertaining. But Young Sheldon, on the other hand tends to fall into a more realistic scene so a lot of things would be inappropriate.

“I felt some disconnection with the original show too and used to not like it that much.

“But then over time, its wholesomeness got me. Young Sheldon is a light-hearted show full of cute moments.

“I like YS the way it is. Wouldn’t have been watching it without TBBT but it is not TBBT that made me fall in love with it.”


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Development of the prequel started back in November 2016 and the first series previewed in September 2017.

In January 2018 the series was renewed for a second series which premiered in September of that year.

In February last year a third and fourth season were commissioned, with the third series premiering in September.

Fans will have to wait and see whether a new series addresses the disputes Sheldon had with his family.

Young Sheldon is available to watch on Channel 4 and CBS now

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