You’ve got to wait!’ Bradley Walsh scolds The Chase player over premature move ‘Stop it!’

You’ve got to wait!’ Bradley Walsh scolds The Chase player over premature move ‘Stop it!’


Bradley Walsh tells off overly keen Chase player

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Monday’s rerun of The Chase saw ITV host Bradley Walsh welcome four more contestants onto the game show. Andy, Jackie, Lisa and Ewan had to work as a team as they tried to answer as many general knowledge questions as possible. The contestants then had to go up against Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett in a bid to win as much money for their prize fund as possible. However, things didn’t go well for Jackie went Bradley told her off for being a bit too keen when answering the questions.

Andy was the first player to go against the Chaser and despite getting off to a flying start, he was quickly defeated by Mark.

Jackie was up next, and things didn’t go much better for the contestant after she failed to answer many questions correctly in the quick-fire round.

After only winning £2,000, Jackie did her best to make it through to the final.

However, Bradley ended up scolding Jackie when she pressed her button too quickly on a question about Frank Sinatra.

Bradley asked: “What name did Time magazine give to Frank Sinatra’s show business entourage?”

Jackie had the choice to choose from Brat Pack, Rat Pack and Flat Pack.

However, when reeling off the possible answers, Bradley noticed Jackie had already pressed her button before he could read aloud the final option.

“I know you’re keen Jackie, but you have to wait until I have given you all the alternative answers, darling,” Bradley scolded.

“You can’t press that button so quickly. You’ve got to stop it. Calm down, Jackie.”

“Sorry,” Jackie simply apologised as the rest of the studio chuckled at the telling off.

The warning was taken in good will and despite giving the correct answer of Rat Pack, it wasn’t enough to send Jackie through to the final.

After being sent home, Lisa and Ewan were the last two contestants standing as they each took their turn to go up against The Beast.

Lisa was no competition for Mark after he managed to beat her when they went head-to-head.

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The contestant was sent packing after she got a question about Monopoly wrong.

Ewan was the last man standing and he got off to a flying start in the quick-fire question round after winning £5,000.

When he came to face the Chaser, Mark gave him a lower offer of £1,000 and a higher offer of £80,000.

Despite being tempted by the higher offer, Ewan decided to stick with the £5,000 he had already won.

Ewan stormed through the round but in the end, he was caught out by Mark after failing to answer a question about Chile correctly.

Since all four players had been knocked out by The Beast, the contestants had to decide who was going to go up against Mark in the final round.

They decided Andy would go up against Mark and if he beat The Chaser, each player would walk away with £1,000 each.

Despite giving it his best shot, Andy was unable to beat Mark once again, and all four players walked away with nothing.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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