Arkansas rookie police officer saves newborn from choking: See the video

Arkansas rookie police officer saves newborn from choking: See the video


Quick-thinking Arkansas cop saves choking infant

Officer Cody Hubbard, 23, saved the three-week-old infant, who was choking on anti-gas drops

A rookie Arkansas police officer drew on quick-thinking and some home-grown experience to save a choking infant. 

Pottsville Police Officer Cody Hubbard, 23, answered a call for a 3-week-old boy who was choking on anti-gas drops. 

“We were trying to give Grady his medicine … and he was taking them just fine,” Joe Chronister, the baby’s father, told “Fox & Friends” on Saturday. “Right towards the end, he started choking.” 

Baby Grady started to “turn purple” and stopped breathing. Joe and his wife Katelin called 911. 

Hubbard hurried to the scene, “freaking out” the whole time, he said. He arrived and quickly clapped Grady on the back to dislodge the drops. 

Hubbard’s rescue was caught on his body camera. 

“It was life-changing,” Hubbard said. As a father himself, Hubbard had experienced the same problem with his daughter. 

Thanks to his experience, he was able to keep calm and save Grady. 

“Whenever I rolled up on this call, anytime I deal with something that involves a child, I think about how the parents would want me to treat the child as if it was mine,” the rookie cop explained. 

After the ordeal, Hubbard went into his car and started crying because it “felt good” to see how well things turned out, according to FOX 16. 

Hubbard will receive a life-saving award later this month. 

Baby Grady is otherwise doing fine, his parents said.

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