Boy, 17, who died in Halifax Bonfire Night tragedy is named

Boy, 17, who died in Halifax Bonfire Night tragedy is named


PICTURED: Boy, 17, who died ‘when he fell through greenhouse while fleeing from police’ after Bonfire Night yobs launched firework attacks on officers

  • Qais Muhammad Ratyal named locally as teen who died in Halifax on Saturday
  • 17-year-old believed to have fallen through a greenhouse while climbing a fence
  • He is said to have been with group who fled police on Bonfire Night on Saturday
  • Police were called to a residential street after reports of fireworks being thrown
  • It followed reports of similar incidents in Leeds and Edinburgh on Saturday night 

Pictured here is a schoolboy who died in a Bonfire Night tragedy in which teenagers reportedly ‘hurled’ fireworks at each other.

Qais Muhammad Ratyal has been named locally as the teenager who died on Saturday night, after falling through a greenhouse in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

The 17-year-old was reportedly among a group of teenagers who ran from police officers who arrived at the scene following reports of fireworks being thrown.

Qais is believed to have climbed over a fence into a garden where he fell through a greenhouse – suffering a life-threatening injury.

He died in hospital, despite frantic attempts by paramedics to save his life. 

Last night, the area was sealed off for a painstaking forensic investigation as investigators try to piece together what happened.

It followed similar scenes of youths throwing fireworks at each other in Leeds and Edinburgh on Saturday night. 

West Yorkshire Police said in a statement: ‘Police were contacted by the ambulance service shortly before 8:15pm yesterday evening following reports of an injured male in the garden of a property.

‘The 17-year-old male was taken to hospital where, sadly, he died of his injuries.

Qais Muhammad (pictured) has been named locally as the teenager who died on Saturday night after falling through a greenhouse in Halifax, West Yorkshire

Police at the scene of a teenagers death in Halifax on Saturday night. The teenage boy died after reportedly climbing over a fence to evade police, crashing through this greenhouse

Last night, the area was sealed off for a painstaking forensic investigation as investigators try to piece together what happened. Pictured: Police at the scene

Trouble flared when yobs were throwing fireworks nearby as police attempted to take control of the incident

‘A scene is currently on in the area as officers establish the full facts of what has happened.

‘The matter has been reported to the Independent Office of Police Conduct (IOPC) as police were called to the vicinity due to a report of fireworks being set off prior to the incident.’

The death of Qais was first announced on Janazah Announcements, a bereavement notification service for Muslims in the South Yorkshire area.

The page said it had confirmed Qais’s death with his local mosque and that a period of consolation, also known as a Taziyat, would be held at the nearby Jamia Masjid Hanfia in Bradford.

The page paid tribute to Qais in a post, saying: ‘A young man who had his whole future ahead of him has sadly lost his life. 

‘In the past few days I’ve been highlighting the same issue for youths not to attack members of the public and emergency services with fire works.

‘Kids think it’s a laugh to throw fireworks at Emergency services. It ain’t a joke no more.’

It was a shocking tragedy on a night where chaos erupted across the country as thugs chucked fireworks at passersby, set alight wheelie bins and threw explosives at police.

Scenes of disarray were seen in Leeds and Edinburgh with police in Manchester and Merseyside reporting blockaded roads.

Multiple videos posted on TikTok showed riot police descending on the streets of the Hyde Park area of Leeds on Saturday night, with thugs firing explosives at officers.

Footage showed fireworks exploding on the narrow streets and being aimed at a line of police in what residents described as like a ‘war zone’.

Fireworks exploding in front of riot police holding shields and wearing helmets in the Hyde Park area of Leeds as chaos descended on Bonfire Night

West Yorkshire Police kitted out in full riot gear on Saturday night after yobs threw fireworks at them as they struggled to control the crowds

Popping off in leeds #hydepark #bonfirenight #fireworks #leeds #fyp

Police officers were seen retreating backwards as explosives were aimed at them, while others ducked down to avoid being hit as fireworks blew up in front of them. 

Cars were at a standstill as the explosives were aimed at people’s doorsteps and wheelie bins were set a light.

Other videos showed riot police running down the road wearing helmets as those throwing the explosives were seen yelling.

One woman on Twitter wrote that it ‘was like being in a war zone in Leeds’ and ‘the air was thick with smoke’. 

Those living in the area were left scared after police warned them to stay inside.

Riot police having fireworks chucked at them in Hyde Park, Leeds

Student Sally-Anne Brayshaw, 19, said: ‘I live in one of the houses. My housemate and I were watching through my window. Some of the fireworks almost hit us square in the face.

‘If the window wasn’t in the way or open, we would have been scalded to hell.’

Miss Brayshaw said a group of police officers ‘decked out in riot gear’ turned up to help with the situation but ‘within five minutes there were fireworks launching down at them’. 

Arrests were made throughout the night with the Police using Drones and the National Police Air Service to contain the groups. 

Another anonymous resident said: ‘This affects the whole community every year. 

‘There are children and animals scared because of immature people using fireworks incorrectly.’

Edinburgh became a hub of violence and anti-social behaviour on Saturday, with around 100 youths chucking fireworks at members of the public and vehicles on Marischal Road.

Elsewhere in Edinburgh a motorbike gang blockaded a road with fireworks and hurled a petrol bomb at a police car. 

Footage shared online showed youths on motorbikes racing through the Niddrie area of the Scottish capital launching fireworks and petrol bombs on the ground.

It appears they were being thrown towards frightened passersby and cars driving down the road.

People in the video are heard screaming and seen running away as the group continued to chuck the fireworks onto the road and near the pavements. 

Specialist police officers descended on the area following reports of a serious disturbance, urging people to stay indoors.

Bonfire Night ended in chaos in the Niddrie area of Edinburgh on Saturday night, as a gang of youths on motorbikes began launching fireworks and petrol bombs at passersby 

Specialist police officers attended the scene urging people to stay indoors. It also said a police vehicle had been struck with a Molotov cocktail

Passersby heading back from Bonfire Night celebrations were left terrified as fireworks were hurled at the ground

Police closed Niddrie Mains Road to traffic, where earlier in the night a fire had been lit to block the road to passing vehicles. There were also the remains of a temporary bus stop strewn in the street.

While attending the incident a police vehicle was attacked with breaks resulting in a window being smashed. One officer sustained a minor cut to their lip.

Around the same time in the Sighthill area of the capital, more police vehicles were targeted by youths with bricks.

Two officers had to be taken to the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh where one sustained a head injury, that required stitches, and the other needed treatment for glass in their eye. 

The scene in Niddrie after the street was attacked by a gang. The road was blocked off with fire bringing a chaotic end to this year’s Bonfire Night celebrations. A police vehicle was hit with a Molotov Cocktail but no one was injured 

The footage showed youngsters on motorbikes driving through the area and causing chaos 

People in the video are heard screaming and seen running away as the group continued to chuck the fireworks onto the road and near the pavements

In the Duddingston area of the capital police vehicles had petrol bombs thrown at them by another gang of youths.

Police Scotland said specialist officers had been deployed to the area of the city as part of the force’s Operation Moonbeam, following ‘reports of various incidents including anti-social use of fireworks, a break-in to a shop and road blockages’.

In total the force said 483 calls were made with regards to firework-related offences on Saturday night – a reduction from the previous year.

Twelve people were arrested but police officers will continue looking for suspects in the coming days.

Officers closed off the road and urged people to stay indoors and avoid that part of the city due to a ‘youth-related disorder linked to Bonfire Night’

The incident echoed scenes seen in Dundee seen on Halloween earlier this week, where a group of youths were seen throwing fireworks at cars and blocking the roads with bonfires. 

In Glasgow, however, the mayhem continued when a flare was set off at a Kasabian gig at the Ovo, Hydro, on Saturday night.

Footage showed the banned object being flying across the fans before being picked up while crowds danced around it.

One concert goer, who asked to remain anonymous, told the Glasgow Times: ‘I hope no one was hurt.’ 

Following the disruption the Scottish Ambulance Service also advised people to avoid Niddrie and stay indoors

A police presence remained outside the area of the capital to ensure the public were safe

A spokesperson from the SEC said: ‘We can confirm that an incident involving a flare took place at the Kasabian gig on Saturday night.

‘It was dealt with swiftly with the person in question apprehended by security and subsequently taken away by police.’

Police Scotland said a man outside the Hydro had thrown a flare into the crowd. He was then detained by security. Two people were arrested in relation to the incident. 

Assistant Chief Constable Tim Mairs said some individuals across the country showed a ‘blatant disregard’ for the safety of the public and emergency service workers, warning that officers are working to find those responsible for the chaos. 

‘A robust police presence will be in place to address the ongoing issues and keep the public safe.

‘Residents within Niddrie are asked to remain indoors and not hinder the ongoing emergency service response.’

And a spokesman for the Scottish Ambulance Service said: ‘Please avoid the Niddrie area of Edinburgh and locals please stay inside your properties.’

In the Darnall area, three miles from Sheffield city center, hooded yobs were seen lighting fireworks at a passing bus.

As one of the fireworks explodes on the side of a bus, a sinister voice chants ‘it’s a warzone fam’ as the other gang members burst into laughter as innocent passersby shuffled across. 

Firefighters attending a scene in Eccles, Greater Manchester, were attacked as a firework was thrown at them

In Sheffield, firefighters were called after a car was set on fire. Video footage shows crews tackling the blaze. 

One resident who witnessed the incident said: ‘These teenagers are just getting bolder and bolder. 

‘I’ve heard of other incidents in the past week of fireworks thrown at people. Sooner or later it’s going to get someone killed and it’s just entertainment for them. I’m absolutely fed up.’

In Cheetham Hill, Manchester, a similar incident was reported, with police officers announcing youths were firing rockets at passing motorists, according to Manchester Evening News.

Greater Manchester Police said the first set of rockets had been seized the fireworks from the youngsters.

In a statement on Facebook the force wrote: ‘The following fireworks were located in Cheetham Hill near to Crumpsall Lane from youths who were launching them into the street aiming them at cars.

‘Antisocial behaviour with fireworks can be extremely dangerous. Keep reporting antisocial behaviour through to 101 and in an emergency 999. Stay safe Manchester.’

In a separate incident, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said their firefighters said been attacked at an incident in Eccles, near Salford.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service tweeted: ‘Sadly our crews were met with anti-social behaviour when attending an incident in Eccles. 

‘A firework was thrown at crews who were trying to extinguish a bonfire. No one should be attacked when trying to keep communities safe. 

‘It’s #BangOutOfOrder and shouldn’t be tolerated.’

Officers in Greater Manchester also had to rush out to Salford after a firework had reportedly been shoved in a post box.

A screengrab of footage shows firefighters tacking a car fire believed to have been started be teens on Bonfire Night 

Crews were called to the scene in Sheffield on Saturday evening amid the festivities 

Images show the aftermath of the blaze, with residents claiming that teenagers are getting ‘bolder and bolder’ 

The force Tweeted: ‘Crews from Manchester Central, Salford and Broughton stations attended an incident where a firework had reportedly been put through the letterbox of a home in Salford. 

‘Firefighters arrived quickly and extinguished a small fire in the hallway of the property.’ 

Merseyside Police said that eight people had been detained following reports of fireworks being fired at cars and people causing obstruction to roads in the Toxeth area.

Mr Maris, Gold Commander for Operation Moonbeam for Police Scotland said: ‘Our initial analysis of the incidents arising on Bonfire Night show that, for the overwhelming majority of the country, people enjoyed the occasion safely and responsibly.

‘However, in some areas, particularly Edinburgh, various individuals have shown blatant disregard for the safety of the public and the emergency services and have actively targeted police officers and firefighters during the course of their duties.

‘This behaviour is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated. I want to make it abundantly clear that considerable follow-up inquiry will be conducted in relation to all of these incidents, utilising all resources at our disposal to identify those responsible and bring them to justice. 

‘Do not think that just because you evaded police on the night, that we won’t be knocking on your door in the near future.’

 West Yorkshire Police have been contacted for a statement regarding the incident.

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