Bungling Joe Biden has the blood of at least 12 US troops and innocent Afghans on his hands

Bungling Joe Biden has the blood of at least 12 US troops and innocent Afghans on his hands


Bloodied Biden

BUNGLING, pig-headed Joe Biden has the blood of at least 12 US service personnel and scores of innocents on his hands.

The doddering President was advised, even by his own aides, not to abandon Afghanistan so suddenly and without maintaining any military presence.

He refused. He has long been ­convinced US voters care little for ­faraway foreign lands. But they WILL care now that American troops have been slaughtered as a direct result of Biden’s reckless stupidity.

And they DO care that almost 2,500 of their sons and daughters died in Afghanistan for nothing following his abject surrender to the Taliban.

His dwindling supporters blame Donald Trump for setting the pullout in motion. But Biden has led the free world since January. He could have changed course. He appears every bit as obstinate as his predecessor and ­arguably now even less competent.

Yesterday’s inevitable horror, amid the chaos Biden unleashed at Kabul airport, will stain his presidency for ever.

Long-term, a decision he probably considered uncontroversial will cause damage far beyond even the future of a nation he has handed back to Islamist terror.

Because 76 years after World War Two Biden has shown that America will no longer defend its values — liberal democracy, the rule of law and free markets — where they are threatened.

Imagine the glee in Beijing and the Kremlin. Imagine the boost to dictators everywhere. How can Biden not care?

Britain has rightly plucked thousands of Afghans from Taliban clutches.

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Biden betrayed them. Them, all the US and UK troops killed or maimed out there since 2001, all those massacred yesterday and all those facing death or ­tyranny in the weeks to come.

Shame on him.

Brit’s grit

HOW poignant on such a day of carnage that a British survivor of a previous Afghanistan horror should prevail over his life-changing injuries to win Olympic gold.

The recovery of ex-soldier Jaco van Gass is an astonishing triumph against all odds, as with so many Paralympians.

In 2009 a Taliban RPG cost him his left arm. Twelve years later he shattered a cycling world record in Tokyo.

Not much seems uplifting today after the Kabul massacre. But Jaco’s bravery does.

Jabs miracle

WHAT a proud milestone. Covid jabs have now saved 100,000 lives in England alone.

It is down to our scientists, drug firms, NHS and the Government which helped fund it all and got the vaccines approved before the rest of the world. And let’s not forget our Jabs Army, which helped get the rollout up and running!

An incredible national effort. And so many owe their lives to it.

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