Chilling new coronavirus advert shows woman smear grandad and kitchen with sinister green 'covid slime'

Chilling new coronavirus advert shows woman smear grandad and kitchen with sinister green 'covid slime'


A CHILLING new advert shows a woman smear her grandad and his kitchen with sinister green "coronavirus slime".

The horrifying clip released by the Scottish Government, complete with a terrifying horror-film style soundtrack, demonstrates the danger of the virus.

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A young woman greets her grandad with a warm hug – she has green goo around her mouth that represents the virus.

After they embrace the older man says he'll be back in a minute and she makes him a cup of tea.

She touches the cupboards, cup, teabag and tap – leaving green slime everywhere and spreading the virus all over his home.

As the kettle boils the young woman scrolls through her phone – which has videos of her on a night out with her friends and posing for the camera.

The grandad returns, saying "lovely cup of tea", with the green substance now around his mouth.

The powerful film is designed to ensure people stick to social distancing guidelines as cases rise.

However it was too much for some people, with one person writing: "This ad breeds divisiveness, blame, resentment and all the aspects of a negative emotional response.

"It's ghastly and makes me even more determined to debate against these Covid bedwetters."

The strong message goes along the same angle as Health Secretary Matt Hancock's plea to young people to "don't kill your gran".


Yesterday Scotland recorded the biggest ever rise in coronavirus cases as 486 people tested positive in 24 hours.

Nicola Sturgeon said the country was at its "tipping point" as more measures have had to come in to slow the spread of the killer bug.

The First Minister said it is highest single day rise since in Scotland since the beginning of the pandemic.

Scotland is carrying out about 10 times more tests every day than it was during the height of the pandemic in April, Ms Sturgeon said.

On Tuesday, Scotland took the measures a step further and introduced a ban on households mixing indoors.

Social gatherings of more than six people indoors and outdoors are banned in England – under the so-called rule of six. They can be from six different households.

In Northern Ireland, no households are allowed to mix indoors and no more than six people from two households can meet outdoors.

In Wales, six people are allowed indoors and 30 people outdoors.


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