Chinese takeaway owner hit by coronavirus leaves note saying ‘we’ve not been to China for 20 years’ – The Sun

Chinese takeaway owner hit by coronavirus leaves note saying ‘we’ve not been to China for 20 years’ – The Sun


THE OWNERS of a Chinese takeaway say they "haven’t been to China in 20 years” as they reassure customers amid the UK coronavirus outbreak.

The Pearl River takeaway and chippy in Reading, Berkshire displayed a sign urging people to continue visiting the fast food establishment after business dwindled due to the spread of the virus.

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The takeaway, located in Emmer Green, put up a sign in their shopfront window, which read: “Important notice. The staff and owners of Pearl River have not been to China in over 20 years.

“All ingredients are sourced within the UK from an EU source.”

One loyal Pearl River customer said on social media: “Please continue to support a local Chinese takeaway.

“When I picked up our order tonight, Pearl River in Emmer Green has posted this at their premises, due to a drop off in business, thanks to unnecessary prejudice around Coronavirus.”

On Monday, the UK had confirmed 280 cases of COVID-19, with the most recent a worker from Southampton Hospital becoming infected.

A further two cases were also confirmed in Wales, taking the country's total to six.

The death toll in England from the killer bug has risen to 2, after a grandfather, in his 80s, became the second confirmed death at Milton Keynes Hospital on Friday.

The man was admitted on March 3, with suspected pneumonia after having recently returned from a cruise.

A staff member at an infant school in the Reading area also tested positive for Covid-19 on March 1, prompting the school to close for several days.

A number of other schools in the local area shut their doors to allow for a “precautionary deep clean”.

As fear of the outbreak grips the nation, businesses across the UK have reported a sharp decline in trade since the virus broke out in Wuhan, China.

London’s Chinatown stands eerily deserted as thousands of diners keep their distance from the tourist spot as coronavirus panic continues to sweep across the nation.

And shockingly, there has been a number of reports of violent incidents across the UK as panic over the killer bug spreads.

Police launched a hunt for four suspects wanted for a “racially motivated attack” after a gang of youths assaulted a Singaporean student on Oxford Street, shouting “we don’t want your coronavirus”.

Meanwhile, on February 9, a woman was knocked unconscious while defending her Chinese friend from a “coronavirus rage” attack in Birmingham.

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