Dog owner screams with terror when her hound flings squirrel at her

Dog owner screams with terror when her hound flings squirrel at her


Drop it… but not on me! Dog owner screams with terror when her hound flings a squirrel at her

  • Alie Knights, from Orlando, Florida, spots her dog with a squirrel in his mouth
  • She quickly runs over and orders him to ‘drop’ the rodent onto the ground
  • But the dog instead flings the squirrel at Ms Knights and she screams in terror

A pet owner got more than she had anticipated when her dog flung a squirrel at her after she told him to ‘drop it’. 

Alie Knights, from Orlando, Florida, was walking her dog, Copper, when he caught a squirrel. Spotting the rodent in Copper’s mouth, Ms Knights rushed over and told him to ‘drop’ it. 

Footage shows the eager dog obeyed but with such force that the wriggling squirrel was flung through the air and landed on Ms Knights.  

Running over to her dog, Copper, owner Alie Knights, from Orlando, Florida, noticed he had a squirrel in his mouth 

Ms Knights hilariously started running to try and get the squirrel off her, which eventually fell to the floor and ran off

The video shows her screaming in terror as the traumatized squirrel clings to her sweater before she manages to shake it to the ground.

Ms Knights told Viral Hog: ‘On Halloween day my dog Copper caught a squirrel. I told him to drop it and he threw it on me.’

Following the scenes, viewers took to social media to share their amusement, with one describing the scenes as ‘gold’.

One user wrote: ‘The more I watch that the more I realize he did that on purpose.’

While another added: ‘He knew what he was doing.’

Another person commented: ‘It just gets funnier and funnier every time I watch it.’

Elsewhere one viewer wrote: ‘I don’t think I will ever stop laughing.’ 

TikTok users called the video a comedy ‘gold’ moment and said the more they watched it, the ‘funnier’ the footage was

At least Copper managed to catch the squirrel he chased. Golden retrievers Ruby and Stella didn’t stand a chance when they decided to chase a rodent in their yard. 

Hilarious video shows a nimble rodent jumping onto a nearby fence and making an impressively speedy escape.

The video, filmed in Merton, Wisconsin on September 16, shows the outpaced Golden Retriever sisters watch as the squirrel dashes out of sight. 

The footage starts as Ruby and Stella sprint toward the fence but the squirrel is too quick.  

The dogs chase it down the fence to the end of their yard but the squirrel has gotten away. 

A video captured in Merton, Wisconsin, on September 16 captured the moment Golden Retrievers Ruby and Stella spot a squirrel in their yard and start chasing it

The squirrel makes a spectacular getaway, hopping up on the fence and jumping over eight fence posts at lightening speed to escape

The dogs are left standing watching the squirrel leap towards freedom, tails wagging after their adrenaline-pumping chase. 

The dogs’ owner, who shared the footage online, said: ‘This squirrel has some series running and jumping skills.’

Golden Retrievers are natural hunting dogs, and the name ‘retriever’ refers to the breed’s ability to retrieve shot game undamaged, due to their soft mouth.

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