Drivers in Hull baffled as more 'distracting' and 'eyesore' Mario Kart-style arrows appear on road

Drivers in Hull baffled as more 'distracting' and 'eyesore' Mario Kart-style arrows appear on road


DRIVERS have once again been left baffled as more "distracting" Mario Kart-style arrows appear on a road in Hull.

The jumbo-sized yellow markings are the latest additions on Anlaby Road and have been described as "crackpot".

The bizarre pointers come after a selection of futuristic arrows were painted boldly on the ground of the same road over the weekend, Hull Live reports.

Those markings were spotted at a pedestrian crossing on Sunday, while the latest arrows point towards the crossing and are fixed on both sides of the road.

Baffled drivers have shared a number of photos of their latest road signs online, with confused residents quick to comment.

One person wrote: "If you or me put these arrows up everywhere we'd be arrested for graffiti!"

Another described them as "ridiculous" while one motorist said: "This is now actually turned out to be Mario kart with the speed boost and arrows to know where you're going."

Another person asked: "Is this for real? Are we all living through a really bad You've Been Framed???!"

Someone else wrote: "It's no use painting signs, the reason for which no-one knows or understands, and are not in the Highway Code."

Facebook users were already fuming about the previous road markings, which appear to point in all directions.

One person asked if Hull City Council "truly question people's ability to walk in straight lines without bumping into each other'".

Another said: "Do they think that the general public are thick and need to be shepherded through the streets?"

On Tuesday, Hull City Council said the markings use behavioural science to ‘nudge’ more people to use them correctly.

Councillor Dean Kirk, the portfolio holder for transport at Hull City Council, said: “We welcome the installation of the ‘nudge’ pedestrian crossings, and are pleased to be part of this innovative project which complements the council’s road safety strategy that was launched in March last year.

“By working closely with the Road Safety Trust and Liverpool City Council, Hull will play a crucial part in a wider approach in helping to reduce pedestrian casualties on the roads.”

The council says the latest yellow arrow markings are aimed at reducing pedestrian casualties on the roads.

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