'Dubai Two' mums arrested for 'refusing to quarantine' after boob job trip are being 'treated worse than animals'

'Dubai Two' mums arrested for 'refusing to quarantine' after boob job trip are being 'treated worse than animals'


TWO mums who have been accused of refusing to quarantine after flying to Dubai for a boob job are being "treated worse than animals", one of their mothers has claimed.

Niamh Mulreany, 25, and Kirstie McGrath, 30 – dubbed the "Dubai Two" – are now in quarantine after they were arrested at Dublin Airport and charged following the trip.

Mulreany, a mother of one, and mum-of-two McGrath, both from Dublin, had gone to Dubai to receive treatment at King’s College Hospital.

They were detained at the airport in Dubai and told they could not board their return flight unless they paid hotel quarantine fees when they arrived in Dublin.

The two women appeared in court on Saturday and are now in quarantine in a hotel near Dublin Airport until their next court appearance, according to reports.

Mulreany's mum, Sabrina, described the situation as a "complete circus" and said the women were kept in "awful conditions" in prison.

She told the Irish Mirror: "Niamh and Kirstie are being made examples of, it’s as simple as that and the question has to be asked why?

"When those girls got on to the plane in Dubai they did not have Covid-19.

"The girls left Ireland on the morning of March 24 and the new rules on quarantining did not come in until March 26, two days later so why is this happening?

"These two girls are not statistics and what is happening is having an awful affect on them.

"They are being treated worse than animals – this is a complete circus."

Mulreany and McGrath appeared at Tallaght District Court court on Saturday before Judge Miriam Walsh, who questioned if their trip was essential travel.

"Colloquially referred to as a boob job", she later described their medical procedures as the reasons for their trip emerged.

They now face a £1,700 fine and a one-month in jail for breaking new 14-day hotel quarantine law for travellers arriving in Ireland.

The pair also face a demand for £2,125 to cover the cost of their quarantine.

The court heard police spent almost two hours trying explain the regulations to the women who claimed they did not know about the law change.

McGrath appeared first and wept throughout the hearing, at times shielded her face from the public gallery.

Both were supported by family members in the public gallery but did not address the court.

After appearing in court, the mums were detained at Dochas women’s prison in Dublin before bail conditions allowed them to quarantine in a double room at a hotel, according to the Irish Mirror.

Sabrina said: "They were kept in awful conditions in prison and left in a Garda van for almost four hours in the heat prior to their court appearance on Saturday as they could not enter the court house due to Covid-19 restrictions.

"Both girls are suffering psychologically as we all are."

The pair had reportedly checked travel guidelines with their airline last week before they departed the UK, and had obtained negative PCR tests before attempting to return home.

At Dubai airport the women claimed they had run out of money, and were therefore not able to board the flight.

They reportedly spent the next two days roaming the airport and nearby streets, with nowhere to go.

"They were left walking the streets of a foreign city for two days without any money and any help or guidance from the authorities there," Sabrina said.

"The girls have done nothing wrong. They didn’t break any rules and followed all guidance.

Niamh's dad, Eddie Freeman, reportedly tried to make contact with the Department of Foreign Affairs, as well as several embassies and politicians.

"They are very distressed. My daughter followed every travel rule. They were and are being treated in an unbelievable way," Freeman said.

"When they arrived into Dublin at around midday on Friday they were again told they would have to go to quarantine but the girls refused to sign any documentation," he said.

A spokesman from the Irish police said the two women were arrested for breaches of the Health Act, after failing to comply with gardai.

"Both women have since been charged," he’s said.

Both women have been bailed and will appear again in court on April 9.

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