German tattoo artist, 30, killed and paraded by Hamas and Brit missing after terrorists storm peace festival | The Sun

German tattoo artist, 30, killed and paraded by Hamas and Brit missing after terrorists storm peace festival | The Sun


HARROWING footage has emerged of Hamas militants parading the body of a German tattoo artist through the streets of Israel as others spat on the innocent woman.

Shani Louk, 30, was seized from a music festival by Hamas militants after a Saturday morning attack sparked a declaration of war from Israel.

It comes as another girl was snatched on a motorbike and a British national has been reported missing from the same festival.

The dance music festival was being held by the border with Gaza in Kibbutz Re’im.

Horrifying footage has emerged of Hamas militants claiming Shani was a Israeli soldier, while jeering and spitting on her dead body.

The tattoo artist could be seen lying in the back of a truck, with her leg at an unnatural angle, and her identifiable dreadlocks hanging out the back of the vehicle.



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Shani's cousin Tomasina Weintraub-Louk told The Mail that the family knew it was "definitely Shani" due to her identifiable leg tattoos and hair.

Tomasina said of her cousin: "We have heard nothing. We are hoping for positive news.

"She was at a music festival for peace. This is a nightmare for our family."

Her mother Ricarda has begged for help in finding out what became of her daughter after the video was released.

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She said in an emotional video: "This morning my daughter, Shani Nicole Louk, a German citizen, was kidnapped with a group of tourists in southern Israel by Palestinian Hamas.

"We were sent a video in which I could clearly see our daughter unconscious in the car with the Palestinians and them driving around the Gaza Strip. I ask you to send us any help or any news. Thank you very much."

Another woman was filmed pleading for her life with her kidnappers after also being kidnapped from a festival in the south of the country.

Disturbing footage shows Noa Argamani with her arms outstretched as she pleads with the armed militants to let her go.

The 25-year-old university student screamed "Don't kill me! No, no, no", as the gunmen sped away with her trapped in between them.

London-born Jake Marlowe, 26, is also missing after attending the festival, and sent a haunting last message to his mum.

Early Saturday morning, he said: "Signal very bad, everything is okay, I will keep you updated I promise you. Love you."

Jake's terrified mum Lisa told Jewish News: "I’ve left him lots of WhatsApp messages but I’ve not been able to leave him a message… I can’t bear to listen to the phone just ringing and not being answered.”

The music festival Shani, Jake and Noa had been attending was one of the first areas attacked when Palestine launched an onslaught yesterday morning.

Those at the of the music event were dancing at dawn in the desert, unaware that within minutes many of them would be shot dead and taken hostage by Hamas militants.

Chilling video taken by party goers showed Hamas militants flying into Israeli territory, with attendees unaware of the horror about to unfold.

Moments later, hundreds were seen scrambling for their cars and screaming as they tried to flee from the armed militants.

Hamas gunmen have continued to massacre civilians and snatch hostages off the streets after storming through barricaded frontiers in Gaza.

At least 480 Israelis and Palestinians have been killed and thousands more injured in what has become the deadliest day in the conflict for the past 50 years.

Israel blitzed Gaza City in revenge for the surprise and unprecedented attack launched by the group.

The new onslaught of violence has sparked protests – and celebrations – in other countries.

The Met Police have stepped up patrols in London after many were accused of "glorifying terrorist activities of Hamas".

Other pro-Palestine protests have been held in Yemen, Türkiye, Iraq, Iran, Morocco, Lebanon and Jordan.

Other countries including the US, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Ukraine and more have all expressed their solidarity with Israel as it "defends their territory".

The Israeli Air Force has begun striking targets throughout Gaza as Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu warned that the first part of the war was over and an "offensive formation" would start.

Experts revealed Israel was caught completely by surprise when Hamas attacked yesterday, and their billion pound defence system could not keep up with the onslaught of rockets.

International relations professor and Chatham House Associate Fellow Yossi Mekelberg revealed to The Sun that the surprise attack from Hamas marks a "major escalation" in Israeli-Palestinian relations.

He said: "It's unprecedented, because Hamas managed to enter towns, villages and the rest.

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"Hamas may have sensed weakness in Israel, and the Palestinian issue was sidelined by the international community. And within the Palestinian political system, they see a little hope of change. There is an accumulated frustration."

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