Gold-plated palace with its own chef and au pair could be yours for £2.1million… but you'll have to endure -50C

Gold-plated palace with its own chef and au pair could be yours for £2.1million… but you'll have to endure -50C


A GOLD-plated palace that comes with a chef is on sale for £2.1 million – but potential buyers would have to live in -50 temperatures.

The decadent mansion in Irkutsk, Russia, was designed to resemble Baroque and Empire styles.

But it's not for those who feel the cold easily as the neighbourhood is famous for it's plunging winter temperatures of minus 50C.

The property's modern exterior hides a secret extravagant gold-plated interior home that looks as if it's from before the Russian revolution.

Nearby for recreation is Lake Baikal, the deepest in the world.

The granite and marble interiors are “in the palace style using elements of the Baroque and Empire style’ using ‘premium materials”.

The property has a wine cellar, and even its own electricity substation.

The palace has two acres of land and the house itself is 6,997 square feet.


The gold-festooned interior boasts grand chandeliers, regal sofas and armchairs and large decorative rugs.

“The site has been landscaped, which has been professionally and lovingly looked after for many years,” explained the agents.

The palace gardens are “very stylish and well-groomed” with landscaped lawns, a pond – with fish – and an ornamental waterfall, three pine gazebos, plus a Russian-style steam sauna to warm up in the bone-chilling winters.

“The style seems complex and quite heavy, but very light after visiting,” explained the agent.

“The house is very comfortable and convenient to live in, to receive guests.”

There are five bedrooms, with their own dressing rooms and private bathrooms.

The owner of the 11-year-old property is local tycoon Kanagat Ramazanov, who is linked to shopping malls, pharmacies, and a security company in Irkutsk.

The reason for the sale is that he plans to move to a warmer climate in Sochi, Russia’s main Black Sea resort, it is understood.


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