Grandmother, 93, was told by robbers 'don't f***ing die on us'

Grandmother, 93, was told by robbers 'don't f***ing die on us'


Grandmother, 93, who was left badly bruised after masked raiders ransacked her home was told ‘make sure you don’t f***ing die on us’ before her mouth was held shut

  • Elderly pensioner was robbed by masked raiders at night in her Liverpool home  
  • They broke in through the back door, bolted the front, and cut the power
  • One put their hand over the woman’s mouth and said ‘don’t f***ing die on us’
  • Merseyside Police slammed the ‘scum’ robbers and vow to bring them down 

A 93-year-old grandmother attacked by masked raiders as she slept was told ‘make sure you don’t f***ing die on us’ before her home was ransacked.  

The pensioner was mortified to discover three robbers in her bedroom last week, as one of them clamped a hand over her mouth to stop her from crying out.

As she tried to reason with the intruders by telling them she was 93, one of the thugs chilling replied: ‘Well, make sure you don’t f***ing die on us then.’

The gang are suspected of carrying with them tools and empty bin bags, in what is believed by police to have been a targeted and highly-planned raid. 

Stealing £2,000 from the Liverpool pensioner, who was left shaken and with heavy facial bruising, the thugs were at the semi-detached home for an hour.

Pictured: A 93-year-old grandmother was robbed by masked raiders at her Liverpool home, as one put their hand over their mouth and said ‘don’t f***ing die on us’

They are said to have raided every room, pulling out each drawer, and emptying cupboards as they scoured the home for potential loot.  

Chief Constable Andy Cooke of Merseyside Police was so shocked by the crime that he slammed the ‘scum’ robbers and ‘no grass culture nonsense’. 

The 93-year-old, a grandmother to seven and has 10 great-grandchildren, has vowed never to set foot inside her Herm Road home of 23 years again.

She has been left shaking, and sometimes retching, while she tries to recover at her niece’s home, her daughter told the Liverpool Echo.

The daughter, 70, revealed how the gang broke in through the back kitchen door, bolted the front, and cut the power after 2am on Wednesday.

She claimed: ‘It’s like we’re living a nightmare, we can’t believe this has happened. What an awful way to leave your home with that as a last memory.

Pictured: Merseyside Police of Chief Constable Andy Cooke labelled the overnight break-in at a pensioner’s home in Liverpool as ‘horrendous’

‘We’re trying to tell her that these people are not worth it, and to not let them ruin her life, but it’s difficult. These criminals, what do they do when they get home?   

‘We just hope people come forward to tell the police who did it.’

Chief Constable Cooke said: ‘This is horrendous. Please help us catch the scum who did this. And don’t give me any of that no grass culture nonsense. This is a 93 year old woman in her own house who should be afforded respect and dignity.  

A Merseyside Police spokesperson said: ‘The woman was taken to hospital suffering from shock and bruising to her face. An investigation is underway and house-to-house, forensic and CCTV enquiries are being carried out in the local area.’

Detective Sergeant Richie Shillito said: ‘Everyone has the right to feel safe and secure in their own homes and this was a particularly cowardly and despicable incident involving an elderly lady who was left badly shaken’. 

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