Hilarious moment 'guard hens' surround Amazon driver

Hilarious moment 'guard hens' surround Amazon driver


Chicken run! Hilarious moment ‘guard hens’ surround Amazon driver as he delivers package to home

  • An Amazon driver was making a delivery at a house in British Columbia, Canada
  • There were 25 chickens outside the house when he arrived on September 12
  • Chickens watched him make delivery and chased him as he walked back to van

This is the hilarious moment a flock of ‘guard’ chickens surround a driver as he tries to make a delivery. 

There were 25 chickens out in the yard in British Columbia, Canada, when an Amazon delivery driver arrived. 

At the beginning of the footage taken on an at-home security system on September 12 around 2pm, there are around eight chickens on the grass outside the house. 

Footage taken on an at-home security system in British Columbia, Canada, on September 12 shows the chickens swarm around the driver as he delivers a package

The driver approaches the door with a package and the chickens begin to approach him.  

As he gets closer to the door, more chickens come out from under a vehicle on the other side of the road and run towards the driver. 

They watch him as he knocks on the door and, as he puts the package on a packet of kitchen towel, a few begin to edge closer. 

The driver picks up the package and places it on the floor in front of the door but, after the chickens near, he decides to put it on the kitchen towel. 

He walks around the chickens to get back to his van but they start to run after him. 

The owner of the chickens said that the chickens ‘make better guard dogs than the actual dog’.

One social media user said: ‘Damn, those chickens mean business.’ 

Another commented: ‘Aw! They are used to treats. My chickens come running too.’  

After delivering the parcel, he walks around the chickens and looks back as he makes his way to his van

The chickens run after the driver after he delivers the parcel and gets nearer to his van  

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