Horrifying moment 'XL Bully' savagely mauls family's cat to death

Horrifying moment 'XL Bully' savagely mauls family's cat to death


Horrifying moment ‘XL Bully’ savagely mauls family’s cat to death – as heartbroken owner says she fears it could have been one of her children

  • EXCLUSIVE: XL Bully-type dog leapt into garden and mauled terrified cat Kiwi
  • Dog owner yelled ‘your cat is fine’ – even as animal’s jaws were caked in blood
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A mother-of-three has been left fearing for her children’s safety after a violent XL Bully-type dog got into her garden and killed the family’s beloved pet cat – in violent scenes caught on CCTV.

Nima Begum, 40, was in her house when she heard a commotion outside and saw a man wrestling with the powerful animal.

He kept shouting ‘Your cat is fine’, even though his pet’s jaws were covered in blood.

Ms Begum rushed outside and found her terrified cat Kiwi cowering in a tree, which she managed to get down with the help of a passer-by. But the tabby died before she could get her to a vet.

‘It all happened in seconds. I was absolutely frightened and my cat was killed,’ she said.

The man can be seen wrestling with the powerful animal as he tries to bring it under control

Kiwi the cat – a mother to kittens (pictured) – did not survive the attack, dying before she could be taken to a vet

The dog is believed to be an XL Bully-type. The mongrel crossbreeds are set to be banned by the end of the year under UK Government plans

The animal can be seen on its hind legs at one point following the horrific attack on the pet cat

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‘I have seen that dog off the lead every day for a few months. It could have been the dog attacking my three-year-old boy.

‘My biggest worry is not just about my child but for the school nearby. I am so scared to take my boy to the nursery across the road.’

The mauling is the latest suspected incident involving an XL Bully. The breed has been linked to a series of attacks, some fatal.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has outlined plans to ban the breed by the end of the year, describing them as ‘a danger to our communities, particularly our children’.

Owners took part in a protest walks over the ban last month, insisting the breed is safe and it is bad owners who are to blame for the problems.

But they were told by organisers to leave their pets at home amid concerns of a PR disaster if one became aggressive.

Kiwi was killed last Friday, September 29, as Ms Begum was preparing to take her three-year-old out for an ice cream near her end-of-terrace house in Norwich.

She said the man was apologising as he struggled to control his dog but her children had been left distraught at their pet’s violent death – which was recorded on Ring doorbell footage – and they were all too upset to eat dinner that night.

One of Kiwi’s kittens, 11-week-old Peppercorn, was also outside but managed to escape.

The incident was reported to Norfolk Police, who have been contacted for a comment.

Courts and other authorities have been reluctant to take action against dog owners whose pets attack cats and other small animals in the past because it is ‘the nature of a dog to kill and wound small animals’.

But they can intervene if the dog is judged to have been dangerously out of control. Owners can also take civil action for damages.

Victims of XL Bully attacks include father-of-two Ian Price from Staffordshire, who was killed by two dogs after they jumped out of a neighbour’s window last month.

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