Hunter Biden's ex-wife finding messages to his brother's widow was the 'final straw' before divorce, book reveals

Hunter Biden's ex-wife finding messages to his brother's widow was the 'final straw' before divorce, book reveals


HUNTER Biden confesses in a new book that his wife filed for divorce after she discovered he was having an affair with his brother’s widow.

The president’s 51-year-old son began his secret relationship with Hallie Biden after his older brother, Beau, died of brain cancer in May 2015.

The book reveals that the mother of his three oldest children, Kathleen Biden, found texts he exchanged with his mistress on an old iPad.

"The book admits that this was the final straw for Kathleen," a publishing insider who is familiar with his 255 page memoir told The Sun.

"She’d tried for years to help him beat his addiction to crack cocaine and booze. But then she found out he was sleeping with his brother’s wife. She said he was a sicko."

Hunter reportedly was paid $2 million by Simon & Schuster’s Gallery Books imprint for "Beautiful Things," which will be released April 6.

He could earn millions more if he allows his life story to be filmed, according to the Daily Mail.

The book lashes out at Donald Trump for blackening his reputation with what both Hunter and his dad insist are phony corruption allegations.

It skips over other scandals, including newly-published claims that Hallie heaved a gun he had bought in the trash in October 2018 because she was "scared he’d harm himself."

However, it strongly defends the pair’s affair. 

"Hunter claims it started because they needed each other," said the publishing insider. "She was grieving her husband’s painful death and he was making his latest attempt to detox."

Vanity Fair has reported that Kathleen claimed in  divorce papers that Hunter blew money on "prostitutes, strip clubs, and drugs."

The ugly split was settled, according to the magazine, without a trial.

"But Hunter admits in the book that after their break-up he embarked on a five-month-long sex-and-drugs binge in Los Angeles," continued the publishing source.

It began at Chateau Marmont, the Hollywood celebrity haunt where John Belushi died from a drug overdose.

"Hunter holed up in a bungalow there and learned how to cook crack," continued the insider.

"He hung out with strippers, con artists and junkies who followed him as he moved between Chateau and sordid Airbnbs.

"He was smoking crack and his visitors came with their own drugs, including heroin and meth.

"He lost count of the charges they racked up on his credit cards. He calls it 'nonstop depravity.’”

The book says he was only 8 when he had his first drink – a glass of champagne at a party celebrating Joe Biden’s 1978 re-election to the US Senate.

By the time he was 14, he was guzzling so much beer that he had to rush out of the church to vomit while attending Mass with his deeply-religious father.

"The book says Joe thought he had the flu," dishes the publishing insider. Hunter's father is famously is teetotal.

"The book reveals the reason," revealed the insider. "When Joe was growing up, he had relatives who had struggled with alcoholism since high school.

"It scared him. He begged Hunter and his brother Beau not to fall into the same pit. Beau drank socially in his 20s and then quit at thirty. Hunter couldn’t do it."

During the first years of his marriage to Kathleen, Hunter was downing a bottle of Smirnoff Red vodka every night.

He had been busted for cocaine possession when he was 18.

The book details a never-ending cycle of trips to rehab. One of them resulted from his father’s intervention.

"Joe dispatched his younger brother to LA where he checked Hunter into rehab. He stayed clean for about two weeks," the insider said.

In 2019, Hunter married a 33 year old filmmaker. Melissa Cohen, just six days after they met.

"The book credits her and his son by her, Beau, with giving him the strength to finally be sober," the source explained. "He says he is out of the dark hole."

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