I had two-year affair with Bedsit murderer and I'm lucky he didn't kill me

I had two-year affair with Bedsit murderer and I'm lucky he didn't kill me


A NURSE has told how she had a two-year affair with morgue monster David Fuller without knowing anything of his heinous crimes.

Sick Fuller, 67, this week admitted the 1987 bedsit murders of Wendy Knell and Caroline Pierce in Tunbridge Wells, Kent — as it emerged he filmed himself having sex with 100 female corpses in hospital mortuaries. 

Now his former mistress has said she feels lucky to be alive as she lived just around the corner from the two women he murdered.

She told The Mirror how he seemed to be an “ordinary, quiet man” who had affairs behind his wives’ back with at least two other nurses at the hospital where they worked.

The woman, who began dating Fuller in 1990 when he was with his second wife, Alice had no idea he had killed Knell and Pierce two years previous – and only found out this week.

She said: “I was actually dating the person responsible. In the back of my mind I think ‘why was I spared?'.

“I was in the right criteria in that I lived in the roads near where the girls worked, I had a bedsit and I was in my 20s.”

She added: “To think I’m associated with someone who did something so terrible is awful. I’m very lucky he didn’t kill me.”

Wendy, 25, was found dead in June 1987 in her flat in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, five months before Caroline Pierce, 20, was found dead in a remote field on Romney Marsh in Kent.

But despite a huge investigation at the time their killer evaded justice for more than three decades.

The hospital electrician was arrested last December after a DNA breakthrough ended the 33-year hunt for the “Bedsit Killer”.

Then searches of his home uncovered evidence that Fuller had sex with 100 female corpses over 12 years in the mortuaries at the now-closed Kent and Sussex Hospital and its replacement, Tunbridge Wells Hospital.

He had filmed the unspeakable acts — and horrific images of him defiling bodies aged between nine and 100 were found concealed in a box bedroom he had converted into an office.

And it is feared that countless more corpses were raped by the necrophiliac.

Fuller's mistress said: “He was a perfect gentleman with me. I didn’t see a bad side to him at all.

“He never showed any perversions in bed. He was totally ordinary and normal. There was nothing at all.”

A police helpline has so far received 200 calls from people who believe the bodies of relatives and friends may have been defiled by the monster, the Daily Mail reports.

A police source told The Sun: “The Fuller case is still being worked on by a team of detectives who are trying to track down victims’ families.

“There are fears that his morgue victims could run into the thousands and he could potentially have killed others.

“He is without question one of the most evil men in UK criminal history.”

So far, Kent detectives have formally identified 81 of his victims in the mortuary.

Anyone with information is urged to call 0800 051 5270.

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